Spring track captain left without a season


Julianna St. Paul

Angelina St. Paul after completing a race earlier this year for her Fall Cross Country Team that she was a captain for.

Julianna St. Paul, Staff Writer

The WA Ghostwriter talked with senior Angelina St. Paul about her senior captain role for spring track, and how she feels about the coronavirus cutting her season short and possibly cancelling it.

Q: Have you been training on your own as you wait for the season to start?

A: “I have been doing daily workout videos that I have found online. I have also been running with my family.”

Q: Are you sad about what has happened, and the loss of the beginning of the season?

A: ” Yes, it saddens me since I have been looking forward to being a spring track captain, I got to be a cross country captain this fall and I really enjoyed being able to help underclassmen and I was looking forward to doing this with spring track. As a cross country captain, I tried to make the sport as fun as possible, and I wanted to do this with the spring team as well.” 

Q: Do you agree with the prevention of the captain’s practices to prevent the spread of the virus?

A: ” Yes, I think it is a good idea to stay home; it’s unfortunate to not be able to run with my team. It is better to have the runners stay home and run on their own.” 

Q: Does the spread of the virus scare you, and are you worried about the school closing for good this year?

A: ” It doesn’t scare [me]. I am cautious, but I am not paranoid. I am upset to be missing my senior year, but I don’t expect to go back this year.” 

Q: Are there any workouts you would recommend the team to do while they await the start of the season?

A: ” Just do as much as you can of the posted workouts and to stay in shape for the potential season.”  

Q: What message would you give the rest of the team as they wait for the season to start?

A: “Until further notice, expect a season and be prepared. Stay safe, wash your hands and follow social distancing.”