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2017-2018 Staff

Andrew Friel


I'm a naturally loud and passionate person who has strong opinions. My future plans include earning a degree in political science or public policy, attending law school, and eventually pursuing a career in government. I have been...

Ben Walker


I am a senior at WA. I have been on the WA Ghostwriter staff since my freshman year. This year, I am the Co-Editor-in-Chief. I have had a lot of fun these past few years at the Ghostwriter, I've met so many great people and I...

Anthony Cammalleri

Managing Editor

AKA: ZebraFox. Ask me about the perfect peanut butter-to-jelly ratio.    

Varshini Ramanathan

Co-Managing Editor

I am a WA junior who has been on the Ghostwriter staff since my freshman year, first as a staff writer, then as Sports Editor, and now as Managing Editor. When working for the paper, I especially enjoy writing profile articles ...

Mehul Shrivastava

Features Editor

I am in my third year at the Ghostwriter as the Features editor. I originally joined journalism because it was something new and very different from the other classes i have taken, and I continued because I enjoyed working with...

Chloe Morbelli

Arts and Entertainment Editor

I’m a creative, laid-back, hardworking yet stressed senior who is continuing on with my second year on the Ghostwriter. I’m intrigued by the arts, writing, fashion, travel, and the Earth and our impact on it. In the world ...

Mahi Kandage

Sports Editor

As a sophomore this year at WA, this is my second year taking journalism. I've learned that I enjoy taking photos, and writing feature articles, as well as covering various events. I love to travel and try new foods and hope to t...

Kavya Desikan

Social Media Manager

I am in my second year at the Ghostwriter and this year, I am the Social Media Manager. I joined journalism because I wanted to work with news on a local level. I continued to be a part of it because I enjoyed getting to know...

Garret O'Connor

Staff Writer

I'm a junior at WA, and I've been a part of the Ghostwriter since my freshman year. I got into journalism out of a desire to speak truth to power and keep the government in check. My main goal this year is to give more attention...

Alisha Sabnis

Advertising and Print Manager

Hey! I'm a senior here and have been part of the Ghostwriter since my freshman year. As the advertisement and print manager, I look over the December and Graduation print editions. I love writing opinions and news articles (two...

Dan Allison

Staff Writer

Hi, I am Dan Allison.  This is my first year on the WA Ghostwriter as I am in 9th grade. I enjoy sports, hanging with friends, and baseball card collecting. I took journalism because I have a passion for sports journalism and broad...

Bella Barreto

Staff Writer

I am Bella Barreto. I have been a military brat for 14 years. I am a freshman at Westford Academy. I enjoy playing sports, including soccer, track, softball, and football. My favorite color is maroon and my favorite number is...

Oliver Davey

Staff Writer

I have been living in Westford since I was two. I like playing sports and I am excited to cover them this year. I play tennis, basketball, and golf. I also like to run and go swimming. Along with sports, food and current events...

Erin Killpatrick

Staff Writer

I am 15 and a sophomore at WA. This is my first year taking journalism. I am excited to write about various events this year. Outside of school I enjoy listening to music and exercising. I also like hanging out with friends and...

Athena Lewin

Staff writer

I am Athena Lewin. I enjoy reading, writing, and playing volleyball. I am a freshman here at Westford Academy. My goal in life is to succeed and live out a fulfilled life. I hope to someday go to France and travel the world. I...

Josh Rosenstein

Staff Writer

This school year I am a sophomore, and it is my first year on the Ghostwriter. I enjoy playing sports, and look forward to writing about them this year. I am on the basketball and soccer team for the school, which takes up most...

John Vassiliou

Staff Writer

My name is John Vassiliou, I live in Westford Massachusetts  and I am a sophomore at Westford Academy. I write for the school newspaper. I like studying history, reading, writing and spending time with my family. I like keeping...

Tony Yacavone

Staff writer

My name is Tony Yacavone, I am a freshman at Westford Academy and I am in my first year of journalism class. Outside of school I enjoy analytical writing, listening to music, and playing with my dogs. I also enjoy playing basketball...

Janet Fonden


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