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Seven rising artists to keep on your radar and playlists

There is an artist, song, or genre for everyone. Whether you are an avid music listener or a casual one, lyrics and melodies serve as identities unique to each person. While it can be easy to get used to the same playlist of trending songs, there is no better feeling than discovering a new artist whose talent has yet to make its deserved debut. Below are seven artists who might not be on your radar, but most certainly deserve to be on your playlist.

1. Zinadelphia

Artist Zinadelphia smiles for a press photo, surrounded by her signature creatures: the ladybug. (Courtesy of Zinadelphia)

With only six songs on her discography, Zinadelphia is a 22 year old singer based in Philadelphia whose unique voice and lyrics are sure to take the music scene by storm. Zina’s limited but masterful songs are inspired by a fusion of jazz, funk, and neo-soul genres, all of which are enhanced by the certain rasp of her voice. Her first song, “Mirrorball”, was the result of a school project in 2022, but its large fan base led Zina to continue her career in the industry. Newer songs like “Love Language” and “Waterfall” feature energetic bass and lyrics while songs like “Underdog” show a more soulful climb of a past relationship. Regardless, Zinadelphia’s unique voice and impressive vocal range are a great modern alternative to artists like Aretha Franklin and Amy Winehouse. 

2. Tiny Habits

Musical trio Tiny Habits pose for a photo after their rise to fame. (Shervin Lainez)

For those who love a melted layer of harmonies, this band is for you. Formed by three students at the Boston campus of Berklee College of Music, artists Maya Rae, Cinya Khan, and Judah Mayowa each contribute their own distinct pitch to the group’s array of songs. Their first two singles released in 2022, “pennies (voice memo)” and “hemenway”, are folk-pop melodies that kick-started their career. About a year later they began opening for beloved artists like Gracie Abrams and Noah Kahan, while also releasing a scatter of mesmerizing singles such as “tiny things”, “Small Enough”, and their rendition of a Fleetwood Mac classic: “landslide”. Despite their still growing following, Tiny Habits is a dynamic acoustic trio whose young voices have already begun to catch the attention of fan bases similar to Lizzy McAlpine or Boygenius.  

3. Dijon

Singer Dijon poses for a photo after releasing his first album “Absolutely”, ready for the start of his tour. (Courtesy of Dijon)

This 31 year old artist has periodically made his mark on the music scene since 2017, but his first album released in 2021, Absolutely, is what propelled his career to the public eye. Dijon’s music features a mix of genres including R&B, Soul, and Hip Hop, which ultimately creates a distinctly raw sound unlike any other artist. Arguably one of his best songs, “The Dress”, is an addictive lament over a past relationship, showcasing Dijon’s emotion-packed lyrical abilities. Other notable tracks from his discography include “Nico’s Red Truck”, “Violence)”, “Many Times”, and “do you light up?”. Dijon’s passionate and lush projects can be compared to the likeness of artists like Frank Ocean and Daniel Caesar, enhancing any given playlist. 

4. Joy Oladokun

Joy Oladokun performing at her first ever show in Louisville at the Bourbon & Beyond Festival in 2023. (Matt Davis)

For those looking for a mix of pop and contemporary folk through the eyes of an artist who is also positively authentic, singer Joy Oladokun is the way to go. In her most recent album released in April 2023, Proof Of Life, Joy dives into the realities of balancing the big and small aspects of life, featuring star tracks like “We’re All Gonna Die”, “Changes”, and “Friends”. Her steady backdrop of clashing instrumental tunes allows Joy’s crisp and catchy voice to stand out in her music. A lot of her tracks also collaborate with artists akin in style including Chris Stapleton on “Sweet Symphony”, as well as Mt. Joy and Noah Kahan. All in all, Joy’s lyrical genius and colorful symphonies contribute yet another incomparable voice to the industry.

5. Bakar

Bakar modeling at outdoor campaign photoshoot for Louis Vuitton. (Bafic)

British singer Bakar is by no means new to the scene of fame, with his early 2019 single “Hell N Back” gaining an overwhelming amount of streams. However, over time his public presence slowly diminished, not nearly giving enough credit to his newer, but now up-and-coming, pieces. Most recently, his album Halo featured ten tracks that highlight his seemingly genreless style, with catchy, deep-cut melodies like “Alive!” and “Right Here, for Now” that showcase his true musical abilities. Bakar’s album from 2022, Nobody’s Home, also attracts a young audience with lively, retrospective tracks like “Reclaim!” and “The Mission”. These, alongside the fan favorite “Stop Selling Her Drugs”, which features Dominic Fike, are perfect examples of how he manages to combine the energy of songs like “Sundress” by A$AP Rocky with the bare qualities of artists like Orion Sun, proving his career is nowhere near finished.

6. Thee Sacred Souls

Artists Joshua Lane, Alex Garcia, and Sal Samano make up the soul group Thee Sacred Souls. (Courtesy of Thee Sacred Souls)

At first listen, one might think this soulful group is a recently recovered band from the late 60s or 70s. Yet, Thee Sacred Souls are a modern trio from Southern California, comparable to a vintage sound like The Ponderosa Twins Plus One or Otis Redding. Every song in their discography manages to convey swaying tunes with weightless lyrics that translated to their publicity from a variety of renowned news outlets. “Will I See You Again?”, “Running Away”, and “Can I Call You Rose” are all rich and piercing tunes that utilize humming and an overlap of background vocals to solidify the old-timey aura of the group. Whether you have strictly ‘old’ music taste or are looking for something different from the current modern genres, Thee Sacred Souls always manages to deliver. 

7. Flipturn

All five members of flipturn (Dillon Basse, Madeline Jarman, Tristan Duncan, Mitch Fountain, and Devon VonBalson) pose for a photo. (Courtesy of flipturn)

Last but not least, the five-artist band flipturn is an unforgettable group that clashes sweet guitar melodies with brash drums to form some of the most vibrant songs, perfect for any summer playlist. One of the group’s first songs released 2018, “August”, is a beautiful introduction to their trailblazing style, with an equally worthy acoustic version. This band is also perfect for anyone obsessed with The Backseat Lovers’ climatic, summer-infused sound. Flipturn recently released their first album, Shadowglow, in 2023 which was by all means worth the wait. Passion driven tracks like “Playground”, “Six Below”, and “Halfway” are the perfect duet to their more reflective songs such as “Orbit” and “Savannah. Nonetheless, this Florida-based group radiates energy unmatched by any other band which, in turn, supports their growing popularity. 

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