Seven underrated artists who might take a spot in your playlists

Noah Brown, Staff Writer

Many individuals love to listen to the same artists over and over again. However, it can become dull, and it is not easy to find artists whose music is similar to that which you like. As a result of the variety of artists and genres out there, many great artists are unknown to much of the public eye. In this list, mainly made up of indie pop and folk, these seven artists are worthy contenders for a spot in your playlists.

1. Still Woozy

Sven Gamsky (Still Woozy) posing for a picture atop a wall. (Courtesy of Still Woozy)

In general, many songs are about romance and love, but Still Woozy conveys it in a different way than you would think. Many of his songs express messages to show what he loves and why he loves his wife in most of his songs. From his beautiful overlapping vocals that make the songs harmonic to the funny-sounding background melodies, Still Woozy’s stories within his records give a unique sense compared to others. The more popular “Goodie Bag” and the original melancholy song “Lava” both have a lot to offer for someone looking for a calming, but charming sense of music.

2. Hippo Campus

The members of the indie rock band, Hippo Campus. (Courtesy of Hippo Campus)

It is always good to listen to an band who creates a variety of different styles in their music, and Hippo Campus displays this perfectly. Originally created in Minnesota, they have come a long way by creating five EPs (extended plays) and three full-length albums full of creativity and the message of living to the fullest. Songs from their older albums like “Buttercup” and “Bambi“, and the new releases like “Bad Dream Baby” and “Where to Now” all feel completely different in their own aspect. As a result of variety, each listen makes Hippo Campus fresh and new and makes them a special band to try.

3. Boygenius 

(Left to right) Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker are all members of Boygenius. (Courtesy of Harris Whitford)

Made up of three different indie folk/rock artists, Boygenius is a cast of a very unique set of individuals. Boygenius offers more of a calming and gentle style of music compared to the rest. Many of the songs are made up of beautiful resonated singing from all of the members, a background of acoustic guitar and soft drums that grants a perfect calm and melancholic tone.  Songs like “Me and My Dog” and “Bite the Hand” are a model example for a person with a slower and soother taste in music. Whether or not you like slower tempo music, Boygenius should be checked out.

4. Saint Motel 

All of the members of Saint Motel. (Courtesy of Saint Motel)

Compared to the rest on the list, Saint Motel is made up of a more enthusiastic rhythm through its use of a variety of musical instruments and vocals. The four-person band has been a popular hit and integrated into many video games and movies since 2007 with their many catchy beats like “Sweet Talk” and “Cold Cold Man“. The band is meant more for an upbeat scenario and getting people excited, and even though they are not as well known, they are a great band to listen to and get a great vibe from.

5. Gregory Alan Isakov 

Gregory Alan Isakov posing for a photo in a corn field. (Courtesy of Dualtone)

For listeners wanting more folk-type music, Gregory Alan Isakov has music that you should try. The solo artist is the perfect person while trying to lay back and relax. Although, with a relaxing tone of voice, he reflects in his lyrics about missing loved ones and even love in general with the integration of the acoustic guitar and deep lyrics. Isakov gives the feeling of warmth in his music through many of his songs, such as, “Big Black Car” and “San Luis” which many fans of folk and indie should take some time and listen to.

6. No Vacation 

A photoshoot between members of No Vacation for their 2015 album, Amo XO. (Courtesy of No Vacation)

No Vacation fits the spot in the list for being like many of the rest. No Vacation expresses the feelings of parting ways with a loved one but in a catchy and reverberated way. Sabrina Mai, the main vocalist sings in her low tone, making each song contain a soft feeling with a bigger message. “Beach Bummer” and “Out of Place” give the same melancholy feeling of missing someone, but it gives an appealing sound to sadness. No Vacation is more of a solemn listen, but is still worth it all the while.

7. Mt. Joy

All of Mt. Joy’s members. (Courtesy of Mt. Joy)

Being around since 2016, Mt. Joy has released three albums that are all phenomenal. Their debut album in 2018, Mt. Joy includes 13 tracks, which all have their own distinct messages going from the cost of freedom to feeling nervous because of a pretty waitress. Each song includes its fair share of electric guitar and angelic vocals, which will give you a chill down your spine and something that will get stuck in your head for days. Their well-known songs, “Sheep” and “Silver Lining” give a perfect taste for a new listener, but don’t give you the full story. With the two newer albums that are still up to par compared to the first, Mt. Joy is a band that I would totally recommend.

Some of the artists on this list might be more meant for others, but at least one of them should be considered into being a part of your playlists.