Top 10 things to do before leaving high school

WA Football runs out onto the field during a Friday night home game. This is just one of the many fun high school events that you do not want to miss.

James Farley

WA Football runs out onto the field during a Friday night home game. This is just one of the many fun high school events that you do not want to miss.

James Farley, Co-Managing Editor

As current eighth graders at both Stony Brook and Blanchard Middle Schools are preparing to enter high school, the Ghostwriter compiled a list of the top 10 things that students should do before leaving WA to help prepare them to make the most of their high school experience. By following this list, you are sure to have an enjoyable and successful high school career.

1. Join a club

DECA members pose after winning an award at a competition last year. DECA is just one of the many clubs students can join at WA. (Shreya Navuduri)

There are a great deal of clubs at WA available to students with interests of all kinds. Whether you want to immerse yourself in different languages, improve your skills in business with DECA, work for the yearbook, or just spend time with friends, there are many opportunities for you. All you have to do is pay the $100 club fee at the start of the year, and then you can participate in any clubs you want all year long.

2. Go to a Friday night sports game

WA Football runs out onto the field during a Friday night home game. (James Farley)

Some of the best atmospheres of high school are Friday night home games. The stands are filled, students are loud, and everyone goes crazy after a win. The games that take place on most Friday nights are football and basketball games, so make sure to be in attendance whenever you can. These games are events that you do not want to miss, and will become memories that you will never forget.

3. Attend a WATA production

The Spongebob Musical was just one of WATA’s many productions from last year. (Provided by Alex Ross)

WA is lucky enough to have an award-winning theater program that performs many shows throughout the school year. The shows they put on are outstanding, so buying a ticket and watching the performance is a must. Additionally, seeing your peers carry out the final product after months of hard work is a meaningful experience you do not want to miss. Some of WATA’s most recent productions were The Spongebob Musical, Weird Sisters: The Tragedy of Macbeth, and Dance Nation, and both Mean Girls and Animal Farm will be on the stage soon.

4. Go to Homecoming

WA STUCO greets students as they walk into Homecoming. (Austin DeSisto)

For the first time in 10 years, WA had a semi-formal Homecoming dance this past fall, and it certainly did not disappoint. Tickets were open to purchase for all grades, so coming in next year, freshmen will have the chance to attend again. With an awesome DJ, a dedicated theme, and a night full of fun with your friends, this has the potential for a core high school memory. 

5. Buy WA apparel


A WA shirt to help people represent the Ghosts. (Provided by

You are only in high school once, so stock up on WA gear while you can! Even though the school store is no longer present at WA, there are still ways to fill your closet in support of the Ghosts. WA holds an annual online store with a wide selection of WA clothing, including sweatshirts, backpacks, hats, water bottles, and much more. Make sure to be on the lookout for this when it is available, because you will surely want to purchase some of these items!

6. Participate in the Spirit Rally

Senior twins Ben Jones and Justin Jones celebrate after winning the Greased Watermelon Toss. (Jackie Clay)

Every fall, all four grades head out to the back field to face off in the competitive and exciting Spirit Rally. Several competitions like tug-of-war, dodgeball, a pie-eating contest, greased watermelon toss, and a potato-sack race, among others, fill this thrilling afternoon. Even if you do not compete in any of the events, being amidst your peers in this environment is still a great time. The seniors always seem to win, so we will have to wait and see if the Class of 2027 can help to dethrone them.

7. Use NHS tutoring to your advantage

Attending NHS tutoring sessions is a great way for students to stay up-to-date with their homework. (Provided by:

Throughout the school year, National Honor Society provides students with tutoring every Tuesday and Thursday after school in the library. From 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., NHS members, all of whom are upperclassmen and likely took the same classes as you, are available to help students with work in any subject. Attending these tutoring sessions will help you with your schoolwork, and prove to be a worthwhile decision. 

8. Get to know students in all grades

Becoming friends with kids in all grades is a great way to expand your social group while at WA. (James Farley)

Getting to know upperclassmen may seem intimidating for freshmen first coming into WA, but they may turn into some of your closest friends. Through sports, extracurricular activities, and even electives, there will be chances to grow close with students from all different grades, allowing you to expand your social group. By doing so, you will have a broad range of friends, and will have a good reason to shed a tear at every graduation. 

9. Play a sport

Tennis is just one of the many sports WA students can play during their high school careers. (James Farley)

Regardless of whether you played a sport growing up or not, joining a sports team at WA is a great way to get involved and represent your school. Whether you have played a sport for years, or are just starting for the first time, you can find a new hobby through WA Athletics. Joining a team keeps you active every day, helps you to make new friends, and allows you to compete at a high level in the DCL, all while playing with pride for WA in front of your peers in the stands.

10. Join the WA Ghostwriter

The WA Ghostwriter staff at the top of the Gateway Arch while visiting St. Louis this past fall for the JEA Conference. (Provided by James McDermott)

Our newspaper staff welcomes anyone to join our staff with open arms! Here in our classroom, we strive to keep the town updated with the latest news at our school, highlight all the talented members of our school community, hold decision-makers accountable, cover sports games, and take photos at events. We even attend a national journalism conference every fall, which is an incredible experience that you can only get through this class. Come on into the newsroom and join the WA Ghostwriter!