Top 5 Netflix shows to binge-watch this summer

Shaivi Shah, Staff Writer

With school almost over and soon to be an abundance of time on our hands, students will have more time on their hands. For many teenagers, binging TV shows on a streaming service is a popular way to spend time. Here are five different Netflix shows to watch this summer.

1. Manifest – 4 seasons – Supernatural, Drama

The new season of Manifest is on Netflix. (Credit: Rotten Tomatoes)

The setting of Manifest takes place in New York. The show centers around the passengers and crew of airline 828, who return after being stuck in time for five-and-a-half years. Throughout the seasons, each person on the airplane will experience obstacles post-return. This show is great for viewers who like constant adrenaline, mystery, and watching characters make a lot of tough choices.

2. XO, Kitty – 1 Season – Romantic Comedy

XO, Kitty is a new spinoff series of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. (Credit: IMDb)

This show is a spinoff series of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, showcasing the youngest Covey sister. Kitty Song Covey, who believes she is extremely knowledgeable about love, moves to South Korea to reconnect with her long-time boyfriend, Dae. She finds, however, that a relationship is much more complex when her feelings of love become at risk. This show is great for viewers who like a feel-good romance, Hallmark movie moments, and some inspirational lessons.

3. Never Have I Ever – 4 Seasons – Romance, Drama, Comedy

The final season of Never Have I Ever is out on Netflix. (Credit: Teen Vogue)

Season one started with the sudden death of Devi’s father due to a heart attack her sophomore year in high school. After earning a reputation, Devi decided to attempt to climb the social ladder by landing a boyfriend. She seeks out upperclassman, Paxton, and is part of her first relationship. At the start of season two, Devi chooses to date both Ben and Paxton at the same time because she thinks she will be leaving soon. In the past season, Devi and Paxton had broken up due to trust complications. In the fourth and final season, Devi makes an important decision by deciding what she wants to do with Ben. This new season follows students at Sherman Oak High, steering their way through senior year, love, finding the right college, and the next step of their lives.

4. FUBAR – 1 Season – Action

A new show, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger comes out on Netflix. (Credit: IMDb)

A CIA agent on the border of retiring discovers a family secret and is forced to go into the field one last time. He soon discovers that Emma, his daughter, is a secret spook and is forced to work together to bring down a villain. F in FUBAR stands for full-throttle father-daughter bonding. U stands for uncomfortable situations. B for bombs, bullets, and bullet trains. A for abs, and R for Arnold.

5. Firefly Lane – 2 Seasons – Drama, Romance

A second season of Firefly Lane, starring Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke. (Credit: IMDb)

Set in the Seattle area, two teenagers, Tully and Kate, become friends on Firefly Lane and become inseparable through thirty years of good times and bad ones. This show is perfect for viewers that enjoy watching a friendship grow stronger, drama, and a lot of romance.