WA Boys’ Varsity Hockey wins an aggressive game against Chelmsford


Morgan Smith

Sophomore Ryan McCarthy shoots a slapshot.

Julianna St. Paul, Staff Writer



On Wednesday, February 6, boys’ varsity hockey played against Chelmsford at the Skate 3 rink. WA won 3-2 against Chelmsford

The first goal was scored by WA player senior, Kyle Wizst. Wizst made the first goal with nine minutes and nine seconds left in the first period. This goal was assisted by senior Matt Moore, and it brought the score to 2-1 with WA in the lead.

The second goal of the night was again made by WA. This goal was made by junior Sean Milanette. Once again, the audience and the players cheered over this goal. Whenever a goal was made by WA, the pep band would play their music to celebrate. The pep band also played whenever WA was close to a goal and was taking shots at the goalie.

Throughout the game, there were multiple hard hits from Chelmsford. These hits sent players to the ground and even ended with players sticks being thrown to the ground. A player was stopped on the ice after a hockey stick was caught in his skate. It became very apparent that this was a rough game with many people leaving throughout the game due to injury.

The second period started with Chelmsford scoring on WA’s goalie sophomore CJ Guglielmo. This goal was scored at the beginning of the second period with over 11 minutes left in the period. This brought the score to 2-1 with WA still in the lead.

Shortly after this goal, WA tried to score on the Chelmsford goalie. One of the WA players went for the goal and it hit the goalie. This hurt the goalie, who ended up having to leave the ice. This was not the only hit that sent a player down and off the ice. Sophomore Ryan McCarthy was hit by a Chelmsford player who sent him to the ground. When McCarthy left the ice, he also left behind his stick.

With just over 5 and a half minutes left in the second period, Guglielmo made an impressive safe. The save made the crowd cheer for WA. However, this victory was short-lived when almost 2 minutes left in the second period a goal was scored on Guglielmo by Chelmsford. This bringing the score to 2-2 with a tie between WA and Chelmsford.

The second period was full of tension and suspense for the audience.  There was a lot of tension building up between the two teams. The tension built up to the teams hitting each other with full contact.

The third period started with the score at 2-2. This tie brought the audience on the edge of their seats. This audience was eager to get ahead of Chelmsford. In the crowds, you could hear a t0n of shouting and unrest between the audience as they cheered on the boys

This leads to the next goal and the last goal of the game. This goal was made by McCarthy and assisted by Milanette. This goal was made with almost 11 minutes left in the period.

The game ended at 9:47 and was concluded with the pep band playing music to celebrate as the boys went onto the ice into a group huddle. The game ended with WA winning with the final score at 3-2.

The next game will be held on February 15 at Skate 3 against Lowell Catholic.