WA Boys’ Hockey steals a win from Andover


Julianna St. Paul

The boys protecting their goal.

Julianna St. Paul

WA Boys’ Varsity Hockey team won a game against Andover on Tuesday, January 8 with many impressive goals and a final score of 9-2.

Early in the first period, a goal was scored by junior Matt Cielakie. Cielakie was congratulated by his team for the first goal of the night. He made this goal with just over 13 minutes left of the first quarter. About a minute after Cielakie’s goal, Andover scored a goal on sophomore goalie C.J. Guglielmo. Shortly after, with about 11 minutes left, a goal was scored by senior C.J. Pacifico. This set the score at the end of the first period to 2-1 with Westford in the lead. While the crowd was happy to be in the lead, it was still anyone’s call for who would take the victory for this game. 

The second period started off with Westford out to win. Westford played hard and it paid off when Pacifico scored another goal early into the second period with around 13 minutes left. This put the score of the game at 3-1. Minutes later, junior Nate Brown, assisted by senior Kyle Wizst, scored a goal, widening the gap between Westford and Andover with just over ten minutes left in the period. The boys were up by three until Andover came and scored a goal on WA. Still in the lead, WA continued to play hard. Another goal for WA came from sophomore Ryan McCarthy with almost four and a half minutes left. 

The next goal came once again from Pacifico. This shot earned the team another point, but it was much more for Pacifico, who completed his hat trick with just under three and a half minutes left in the period.

Still, in the second period, sophomore McCarthy scored his second goal of the game assisted by Cielakie with almost three minutes left in the period. This brought the score to 7-2 with WA up by five. 

Throughout the first two periods, there were several impressive saves from WA’s goalie C.J. Guglielmo, Guglielmo a sophomore who worked his way into the varsity teams and has proved his position through his saves. WA’s defense also helped to protect their goal from Andover. 

In the third period, WA scored another goal early in the period. Senior Jason Bunyon scored the goal in the first few minutes of the third period. There was another goal made by junior Brady Bomal, assisted by Cielakie. These carried the score until the final buzzer with a score of 9-2. 

The next Boys’ Varsity Hockey game will be on January 25 at 1:40 against Acton-Boxboro.