WA girls’ tennis smacks Chelmsford


Westford Player preparing to serve.

Griffin Parker, Staff Writer

The Westford Academy girls’ tennis team scored a win Thursday afternoon with their 3-2 victory against Chelmsford High. The doubles teams both won their matches, and one singles player won.

WA went 1-2 in singles matches, with sophomore Nithya Sastry and freshman Ankita Akanksha losing and sophomore Samira Kapasi scoring a win. In doubles, WA swept, with senior captains Caitlin Cannuscio and Rachel Rengpraphun winning their match, as well as senior captain Shreya Nakhara and freshman Kristen Su winning their match.

Sastry, the number one player on the team, lost her match 2-6, 3-6, and she said that her opponent was too consistent.

“I thought I played pretty well, but she just didn’t miss,” Sastry said.

The number two player, Akanksha, lost 4-6, 0-6.

“My first set was okay, but I got too inconsistent in the second set. I had some decent hits, but I wasn’t consistent enough,” Akanksha said.

Kapasi, the third singles player, won her set pretty convincingly, winning it 6-1, 6-2. Her opponent switched strategies in between sets, but it didn’t seem to mess up Kapasi’s game.

“The first set went very well. She switched her strategy in the second set, and I was surprised, but I figured it out pretty quickly and changed my strategy to beat hers,” Kapasi said.

The first doubles match was won by Westford Academy in outstanding fashion, as WA swept it 6-0, 6-0. Cannuscio and Rengpraphun took down the Chelmsford doubles easily.

“Both sides played well, but we played more consistent and learned to use the wind to our advantage. We persevered and came out on top,” Cannuscio said.

The second doubles match was almost as dominated, as WA won 6-1, 6-2. Nakhara and Su were excellent.

“The wind definitely helped us, and we used a big variety of shots. Our shots were excellent. Overall, we played really well,” Su said.

Westford Academy is now 1-0, and they look forward to their next match on Monday, April 8 against Belmont High School. The match will be held at the Stony Brook tennis courts.