WA girls basketball wins intense game against Cambridge Ridge and Latin

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WA girls basketball wins intense game against Cambridge Ridge and Latin

Hannah Thomas, Staff Writer

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On Friday, February 8, the Girls’ Varsity basketball team won a close game against Cambridge Rindge and Latin with the final score of 56-55. The game was competitive with WA and Cambridge being very close to victory after the second quarter. Inthe last 24 seconds of the game, WA made a point that would make them the winners of the game.

“It was a great game. We should be playing double overtime right now, but both teams are really good. I am really proud of the girls […] This was the best we played. I couldn’t be any happier,” said Head Coach Russ Coward.

Starting the game with the first quarter, WA and Cambridge began with a 3-3 tie. The team did their best through the first quarter; however, Cambridge maintained a lead over WA. Senior captain Brooke Pillsbury made the last basket of first quarter to bring the score to 16-18 with Cambridge ahead of WA.

In the second quarter, Pillsbury and senior captain Tess Keele both scored two points each for the team. These points were WA’s total for the quarter while Cambridge racked up 11 more, and at the end of the quarter Cambridge was still in the lead with the score being 20-29.

Third quarter was when the game started becoming more serious. Senior captain Carolyn Graham claimed the first basket. She scored two more points for the team, making the score 22-31. WA was slowly catching up to Cambridge with Graham scoring five points. The final score for that quarter was 37-40, Cambridge still in the lead.

At the last quarter the game became very fierce with each team being tied, and each crowd was cheering on its team. At the beginning, WA had 37 points and Cambridge had 42 points. With only six minutes and 25 seconds left on the clock the team made 17 points.

The competition became more tense with the game going to overtime. The teams played their best when it was overtime. With 24 seconds left on the timer, the score was 55-55 but senior Gianni Daniels made one more point for WA which meant WA winning against Cambridge Rindge and Latin.

“The whole time we were down but we all knew we were in the game […] I wasn’t scared. We were excited in the whole game,” said Pillsbury.