Westford Academy Varsity Baseball defeated by Newton-South 6 – 3

Athena Lewin, Staff writer


On April 23, WA varsity baseball was defeated by Newton-South. Before the game, junior Jackson Roux was confident that they would win the game.

“I feel really good about the team. We have a lot of younger kids as far as their first year being varsity,” said Roux.

Game play started out strong with junior Matthew Laverdure pitching. Neither team scored any points until in the fifth inning when sophomore Kevin Egan and senior Sean Egan made it home, scoring two points for Westford and bringing the score to 2 – 0 for WA.

There were a few close calls, but members of the WA team managed to successfully get the opposing players out, and maintain a two point lead.

In the seventh inning though, Newton-South began to creep up on WA with two players scoring runs, one right after another, bringing the score tied at 2 – 2.

A quarter of the way into the seventh inning, Laverdure was subbed out and replaced with junior Ben Nudler.

After failing to score from both sides, the game went into extra innings.

In the tenth inning, Newton-South pulled ahead of WA and began piling on the runs, finally ending the game 6 – 3 Newton-South.

Throughout the game, the players cheered on their teammates from the dugout, and even after their loss, their moral and spirit were high, refusing to let this loss bring them down.

Head coach Mike Parent believes his boys play well and that although there are improvements to be made, the team played hard.

“The kids played hard […] we got a good group of hard working kids and good things will happen for this team if they keep working hard,” said Parent.

Video taken by Athena Lewin