WA Girls’ Varsity Basketball wins season opener


Athena Lewin

The rest of the team, sitting on the sideline watching their fellow teammates and cheering them on.

Erin Killpartrick, Staff Writer

WA Girls’ Varsity Basketball won their first game against Waltham with a final score of 69-27 on Tuesday, December 12, this puts them at 1-0 on the season. 

The game was held at WA and the team received a lot of support from the crowd.

Senior Emily Bramanti scored 23 points throughout the game, senior Elizabeth Arnold scored 11 points, and freshman Jennifer Martin also scored 11 points.

WA scored firstgiving them the early lead.

Waltham barely made it on the scoreboard, scoring just seven points by the end of second quarter. WA was ahead the whole first half, up 36-7 at the end of the first quarter.

When third quarter started, WA was in the lead and the gym was silent as the game started again. Bramanti made a great shot bringing the team’s score up from 36 to 39. Later, Ally Giovino ran the ball down the court and WA tried to grab another basket, but missed and Waltham got the ball. Waltham started running down the court but ran out of time and didn’t get a chance to shoot the ball.

By the third quarter, WA had scored 13 points and Waltham scored 10 making the score 49-17 by the end of the third quarter.

Waltham was starting to make make a comeback in the fourth quarter, but WA kept their lead. Fiona Cotter scored two free throws bringing up the score for WA.

In the fourth quarter, Ellie Nolan scored 3 points in the fourth quarter helping bringing WA’s score up. The rest of her team stood up and cheered for her from the bench.

Martin scored 2 points at the end of the game with one minute left. With about 15 seconds left in the game, WA had the ball and dribbled until time ran out.

When WA officially won the game, the crowd stood up and cheered. Throughout the game, the crowd showed a lot of support to the team. Often times, if a player missed a freethrow, the crowd clapped and cheered excitedly when a player scored.

They play their next game Thursday, December 14 at 7:00 at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School.