WAGS heads to state championship

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WAGS heads to state championship

Alisha Sabnis, Advertisment / Print Manager

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On Tuesday November 14, WA Girls’ Soccer made history by winning the semi-finals and making it to the state championship. The girls played King Philip at Brockton High School in an intense game, and battled for a  2-1 victory.

The game consisted of two-40 minute halves, with fans from both schools cheering on the teams. A full fan bus carried WA students to the game.

During the first half of the game, the girls mostly played defensively with senior, Emma O’Sullivan as the goalkeeper. O’Sullivan prevented King Philip from scoring two goals in the beginning of the game. Senior Rebecca D’Anna played more offensively compared to her teammates, almost scoring a goal within the first ten minutes of the first half.

The first goal of the game was scored by sophomore, Alexandria Giovino for the Grey Ghosts. However, King Philip responded with a goal of their own near the end of the half, tying the game.

Both teams went into halftime deadlocked at one goal apiece.

The second half of the game consisted of more offensive play by both teams. The Grey Ghosts played more aggressively than they had in the first half.  The final and game winning goal was scored by WA senior, Katherine Pawlak, which allowed the girls to punch their ticket to the state championship game.

WAGS will play Wachusett on Saturday in a battle for the state title. The location and time is yet to be determined.