Administration reveals transgender bathroom policies at WA

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Administration reveals transgender bathroom policies at WA

Mehul Shrivastava, News Editor

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Over the last few years, one of the most argued topics of discussion in the country has been the use of restrooms by the transgender community. In the light of the controversy, Westford Academy has also established some policies in the past few years.

According to Dean Betsy Murphy, students are permitted to use the gender-specific bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity. To make students more comfortable, there were four gender neutral single stall bathrooms installed that became available for everyone two years ago. However, those not comfortable with either arrangement are free to use the nurse’s office.

The school’s social worker, Micaela Violette, expressed her satisfaction with the school’s policies.

“The school has been great in making sure that there are single stall gender neutral bathrooms so that students can feel comfortable having a place to go,” Violette said.

As for locker rooms, Murphy explained what students need to do in order to use the locker room they felt was appropriate for them.

“In terms of the locker rooms, whatever the student is identifying as, they set up something with their guidance counselor and the dean as far as what they’re identifying with, and then use that locker room,” Murphy said.

Violette feels that we currently live in a society where this is a prominent topic, and further expressed how the acceptance of everyone in the community is important to her.

“All individuals should feel comfortable and safe no matter what restroom they use, and that they should feel safe and comfortable to go in the restroom that corresponds to the gender that they identify with,” Violette said.

Students also have opinions on the policies the school has implemented. One student, who wished to stay anonymous, believes that administration should allow transgender students to have a say in the decisions the school makes.

“Ultimately if transgender students do not feel comfortable with these arrangements, then we should definitely change it. School is about an open environment where everyone should be comfortable to be themselves,” the anonymous student said.