Chorus and orchestra students perform at their 2019 Spring Concert

Srinithi Raj, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, April 2, WA’s chorus and orchestra presented a concert featuring both areas of music. Beginning with the chorus students, followed by the orchestra, both groups displayed their musical prowess. Both featured individuals in many of their songs.

The chorus students began with a folk welcome song called “Kua Rongo Mai Koe,” many of their songs showcased music written in foreign languages. Ending with “From Now On,” featuring Alex Franklin, Thomas Sanders, and Eunice Pak, each of the selected songs stressed the importance of family and unity among people.

After a brief intermission, the orchestra students began with a work of Tchaikovsky, “Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in B Minor, 1st mvt.,” featuring pianist Joseph Shen. In their second song, the orchestra featured Chris He on the Cello, Beethoven’s “Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D Major, 3rd mvt.,” featuring Jessica Wong, and lastly, “Overture to The Ascent.”

The performances ended with a standing ovation from the audience members, and the seniors from both chorus and orchestra gave their respective directors a token of appreciation.