Senior have enough privileges


Kavya Desikan

Seniors’ cars parked in the senior parking lot at Westford Academy.

Joseph Cornetta, Staff Writer

Most students view their senior year as a relaxing year and wait to see what their future holds for them. Going into the school year as a senior, seniors have many things to look forward to. One of those is senior privileges.

These privileges are provided to students with a DLT, or have a free block away from their core electives. The privileges started February 28th, and end the day the senior class leaves for internship.

Students who are eligible for the senior privileges are students who are academically good standing, no more than six tardies once the privilege starts

Just because you are a senior with a DLT, or a free block available, there are still certain guidelines that need to be followed. Some of those guidelines include not failing in any course, are late to school on a consistent basis, not maintaining a strong disciplined record, as well as not returning to school for scheduled classes on time.

As a senior student who has reviewed the guidelines, I would say for the most part the rules are fair, as they are hard to break those rules. Administration has given a wide spread of rules that students should accept, and they seem to be easily understood by the students.

Seniors every year feel that the privileges are too short, and should begin earlier than when they do. It has been a widespread topic around Westford Academy since the privileges have started.

In my opinion, I believe the privileges start and end at the perfect time. Not too many schools have those privileges, and for a senior to go out for the hour, and do whatever they want is a great privilege to have. It is another thing for the freshmen, sophomore, or junior because they will one day have the opportunity to have those senior privileges.

In conclusion, the topic of potentially starting senior privileges at an earlier date is not necessary in my opinion. Seniors have many privileges outside of leaving the school during DLT. Some of those privileges include prom, Disney, and internship.