Sophomores and juniors tie powderpuff


Sophomores and juniors prepare to put the ball in action

Kai-Lou Yue, Editor-In-Chief

On Thursday, October 22, 2015, WA girls participated in the annual Lady Ghosts Powderpuff game as part of spirit week. Though the competition was fierce between grades, sophomores and juniors were tied 0-0 at the end of the final game.

For the first game of the night, in typical fashion, the freshmen lost to the juniors by a large margin with a score of 0-28.

In the second game, the sophomores gained a lead of 18-0 points over the seniors during the first half. They maintained their lead throughout the rest of the game, and tensions ran high.

However, with one minute to go on the clock, the game was called off. According to referee, he believed the seniors would not be able to win in the minute they had left, and that it would be better to end the game before anyone was hurt.

The sophomores won over the seniors with a final end score of 18-0.

“Our girls [were] great out there staying focused,” said senior Nick Regan, who co-coached the senior girls’ team.

The second coach of the seniors Sam Spanos said, “Our girls put in their best effort. The sophomores [had] a great player […] it’s hard to beat that.”

Seniors sit on the field after their game to protest the way their game ended
Seniors sit on the field after their game to protest the way their game ended

After the game’s abrupt ending, many of the senior girls who played sat on the field to protest the way their game ended, but were eventually talked off the field by senior class advisors Brian Roark and Pat Gendron.

As the winners of the two preliminary games, the sophomores and juniors faced off against each other in the third game. The two grades were evenly matched and remained tied at 0-0 throughout the entire game. During overtime at the end, one sophomore came close to a touchdown, but fell short.

“[The sophomores] played outstanding. Both of our opponents were incredibly skilled and played very hard. Our girls worked very hard and executed a lot of plays, so I’m very proud of them,” said the coach of the sophomores Michael Towers.