Beyond Words is WA writers’ creative outlet

Take a look at Westford Academys very own Literary Magazine.

Justin Dobski

Take a look at Westford Academy’s very own Literary Magazine.

Justin Dobski, Business and Marketing Manager

Beyond Words is Westford’s literary magazine publication. Every Wednesday after school, students gather to share their own short stories, art, poems, and songs. This group encourages creativity and promotes inspiration for Westford Academy students.

In 2019, Kristen Morris took over Beyond Words as the club adviser.

“I believe there is so much creativity here at WA that goes unnoticed and needs to be out there,” Morris said. “I think it’s one thing that is weak at WA, not only with students but also with the staff. I hope that Beyond Words can become an outlet for that, and bring people together.”

Morris is one of WA’s Spanish teachers, but she started her career teaching both Spanish and English as well. To this day, she still tutors in English for grades 5-12, so she can still be a part of two of her specialties. Her passion for writers manifests in other ways than helping future writers find an outlet to share their projects in the literary magazine as Morris is a writer as well.

“I’ve had some things published in online publications,” Morris said. “I had a book 21 years ago that made it through multiple cuts with an agent in NYC. Unfortunately, it was on a six-week hold before it was basically ditched. ”

This was around the time her kids were born, so she had taken a backseat to it, but is currently working on a play. She is hoping that she will be able to perform her play in an official environment, and has been talking to local theater representatives.

Thus, when she saw there was an opening as the Beyond Words club adviser, she jumped on the opportunity. Having also been the editor of both her high school and college literary magazines respectively in addition to founding Stony Brook Middle School’s Writers’ Club, she immediately approached Betsy Murphy and applied for the position.

Beyond Words accepts all kinds of short stories, poems, and any form of art. They publish an issue at the end of the year. Students don’t have to submit their work to be a member of the club, and they don’t have to be a member of the club to submit their work either. They can even submit it anonymously as well if they wish to remain private.

“Beyond Words is basically a showcase of student’s art and writing,”  sophomore Natalie Strauss said. “If you love any kind of art or any kind of writing, this is the club for you. It’s a mix of both and full of tons of talented creative people. We try new art and writing, so it gives everyone a healthy outlook and view on art, creativity, and writing.”

During club meetings, members edit any submissions that have been given to the club by students and participate in writing prompts and activities to stay creative. Beyond Words is a judgment-free zone, and artists and writers can share their work without feeling judged by others.

“I really love this club because it gives me the opportunity to have a creative outlet,” senior Melanie Duronio said.  “Everyone is so welcoming, and I can share my work, without feeling judged. It just feels so good to be around other people who like the same things I do, and it really is such a welcoming environment.”

Beyond Words meets every Wednesday in room 116 from 2-3 p.m. They accept submissions all year round. Submissions can be stories, art, songs, poetry, and everything in between.