Top 10 snow activities for when you are bored


Shreya Voruganti

You can do many fun activities in the snow when you are bored.

Shreya Voruganti, Staff Writer

Winter can be a magical time as everything is coated in a layer of powdery snow. Snowfall in Massachusetts keeps many people indoors because of the cold, however, people can find all sorts of fun activities to entertain themselves. Here are the top 10 activities to do in the snow, while it is falling or when it is on the ground.

1. Sledding

Sledding in the snow with friends! (Photo by Kari Fulmek from Pexels)

Sledding is a classic during the wintertime. Grab a sled and find a hill to fly down, and repeat the process all over again. Or you could be super cool like me and go without a sled, like bodysurfing. This is a very fun activity to do with friends and family, but please social distance and wear masks if you do.

2. Snowball Fight

Getting ready for the big fight with ammunition. (Shreya Voruganti)

Snowball fighting is another classic activity. Gather some snow on the ground, and shape it into a ball to create a snowball. Now, you have the perfect ammunition for a full-on war. This is a great activity to do during the pandemic as it requires you to be far apart, so happy warring!

3. Snow Fort 

A cool snow fort next to a forest. (Photo by Marc Wieland on Unsplash)

Another classic is building a snow fort/igloo. To build a snow fort, gather some snow and start building in a shape of a fort with four walls, or any other way you want. The sky’s the limit. To build an igloo, create some ice bricks and put them in the shape of an igloo. Once you are done, you have an igloo. You can use your forts to wage a war with your friends or just chill.

4. Maple Syrup + Snow

Pouring maple syrup on snow. (“Maple syrup poured into ice/snow” by TheSeafarer is licensed under CC BY 2.0)

This is a very delicious snack to eat after all your fun in the snow. Grab your favorite maple syrup and gather some snow in a pan. Pour the maple syrup over the snow and snack on! You can also add other toppings so it resembles more of a snow cone. Make sure your snow is fresh snow that has just fallen so it is clean. Or, you could put a bowl outside while it is snowing to collect clean snow. Please note that this might not be sanitary, consume at your own risk. You can also make some maple syrup candy, with this recipe.

5. Hunting for Buried Treasure

Saanvi Voruganti hunts for buried treasure. (Shreya Voruganti)

A fun new activity that could keep you going for hours, searching for the treasure. Have a friend bury something in the snow without telling where it is. Then, put on your jacket and go search for it. The old-fashioned way is to use your hands, or you could use a beach shovel. If you do use your hands, wear some gloves so your hands don’t get frostbitten.

6. Snow Drawing 

Saanvi Voruganti draws a heart in the snow. (Shreya Voruganti)

Snow is your new canvas. Grab a tool for drawing, like a stick, or use your finger and draw away. Your imagination is your limit. You can write notes for your friends, or just draw simple shapes. Try your hand at snow drawing and see if it fits your style.

7. Miniature Snowman 

A single miniature snowman. (Shreya Voruganti)

Instead of making a large snowman and spending hours, how about making an army of mini snowmen? Take three snowballs, one large, one medium, and one small, and stack them together. The small one should be at the top, the ‘head’, and the large one should be at the bottom, the ‘legs’. You can create one, or you could line lots of them up in a row and freak out your neighbors. You can also decorate these mini snowmen with some mini noses, eyes, and mouths for the maximum level of adorableness. Also, to make these even faster, you can use miniature snowman molds found on Amazon.

8. Snow Angel 

Saanvi Voruganti makes a snow angel. (Shreya Voruganti)

This is another classic, but the classics are evergreen. You can do this activity with super-simple steps. All you have to do is lay down in some snow, and move your hands and legs back and forth. Get up carefully without stepping on your creation, and there you go: your very own snow angel. You can also draw a halo, or some wings around your snow angel to emphasize the angel.

9. Looking for Animal/Human Footprints

Footprints in the snow. (Shreya Voruganti)

This might be a bit boring, but it is super fun once you get into it. Wherever you have snow, you can look around for animal footprints. Then, you can try to identify the animal and see what kind of animal footprints you found. Or, you could walk across some fresh snow and create some shapes with your footprints. The first step in fresh snow is always the most satisfying.

10. Catching Some Snowflakes

Closeup of a pretty snowflake. (Photo by Egor Kamelev from Pexels)

Also another classic, but it should be mentioned. This is another fun activity to do when it is snowing. Stick your tongue out and catch some snowflakes. Or you could go the other route and catch some on your hand. Look at them closely before they melt, because they are an example of how beautiful nature can be.