Ghostwriter Weekly Recap: V

The WA Ghostwriter

Below, are the most recently published stories on the WA Ghostwriter.

Staff Writer Estella Cui talked to Detective Geoffrey Pavao about his departure from WA:

Detective Pavao salutes goodbye

Staff Writer Mackenzie Adam detailed the continuation of the process of choosing a new superintendent in ‘The superintendent search continues”:

The superintendent search continues

Staff Writer Erin Cragg wrote an opinion on the cancellation of midterms and finals for the 2020-2021 school year:

No midterms and finals this year is a good thing

Staff Writer Amelia Jarrett wrote an opinion on the new schedule changes and its impact on students:

Extending hours also extends screen time

Staff Writer James Farley reviewed the revamped Stony Brook Acres:

Stony Brook Acres comes out of hibernation

Staff Writer Ashlyn Wahlquist reviewed Zayn Malik’s new album, Nobody is Listening:

Zayn Malik’s long awaited album, Nobody Is Listening has arrived

Staff Writer James McDermott reviewed the Netflix series Cobra Kai:

‘Cobra Kai’ kicks the competition

Staff Writer Rohun Voruganti reviewed the Lil Skies Album, Unbothered:

Rapper Lil Skies drops acceptable album “Unbothered”