Stony Brook Acres comes out of hibernation


James Farley

Stony Brook Acres in Westford is coming out of hibernation as a country store.

James Farley, Staff Writer

For quite some time, Westford’s Stony Brook Acres has been an unappealing site.  That is however, until Stony Brook Acres was purchased just a few months ago, with a new family running the show for Westford’s solitary country store.  Now it is taking off like a shot, and I had to check it out.

Throughout the Christmas season, I noticed that the overall appearance of Stony Brook Acres had drastically improved.  This was confirmed when my dad and I visited the store together on Sunday afternoon.  We veered off the main road into their parking lot, and were greeted by five other cars.  I could not recall a time where I saw this many cars here, and I was curious why this was the case.

When we walked into the store, I was caught off guard by how nicely the interior is maintained.  A countertop showcasing some of the bakery’s finest work, including pies, cookies, and donuts, are displayed for one to choose from.  Just behind the counter, fresh fruits and vegetables are showcased, luring customers to appreciate their wide variety.  Alongside the produce, nestled in the back is a coffee corner for customers, joined by a cookie table for those who want a sweet treat with their cup of Joe.

To go along with the arrangements of the store, the man working behind the counter was extremely friendly, and made my dad and I instantly feel at home.  The Boston Cream Pie on display caught my attention, and the cashier was quick to fulfill my request for a slice.  As he did so, he carried out a conversation with a smile on his face at all times.  Despite not knowing that I was reviewing their store, the man even offered my dad and I a free chocolate to go along with our dessert, and, of course, we gladly accepted.

The $2.25 dessert is nothing short of delicious.  The vanilla base along with the chocolate ganache are the perfect combination, and they are the backbone of this dessert.  Mimicking a Boston Cream Donut, the middle of the dessert is nice and sweet, truly bringing the slice together.  The dessert is clearly made fresh from the bakery with care, and the thoughtful craftsmanship certainly pays off.  The happiness of their customers is evidently the priority of Stony Brook Acres, and their Boston Cream Pie is the perfect representation of this care.

Making our way into the deli portion of the store, we were greeted by a small, but welcoming cafe area.  Hanging above the counter is a gigantic menu, listing all the options one could order from the deli, including a wide range of soups, salads, and sandwiches.

At the deli counter, I was greeted by another friendly worker, ready to take on whatever order came her way.  I asked what sandwich she would recommend.  The “Farm Stand” sandwich was her immediate recommendation, as it is the most ordered item on the menu.  I gladly ordered the fan-favorite sandwich, and waited for it to be made.

Customers have a limited space to wait for their sandwich, causing me to feel a bit cramped while awaiting my order.

Soon later, I was given my sandwich, and dug in.  Immediately after taking the first bite, I was dealt a variety of fresh flavors.  The two meats of the sandwich, sliced chicken and bacon, along with American cheese are the fantastic base to the sandwich.  Topping it off, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions are included helping to balance out the meat with more nutritious ingredients.  The farm fresh vegetables are tucked into a freshly baked cuban roll straight from the store’s bakery.  

This sandwich is a reasonable $7.99, a great price and money well spent. The farm-fresh sandwich is a much more desirable option compared to any fast food order, and you can support a local business in the process.  Stony Brook Acres is flourishing thanks to their friendly customer service, high quality fresh products  and a Westford community who supports locally owned family businesses.  Stony Brook Acres appears to be the farmstand sandwich shop version of Westford favorite Muffins on Main.

I am extremely impressed with how this family-owned business has become a low radar, amazing country store. While parking is limited on the main road, and the waiting space inside is a bit tight, the overall experience far outweighs these setbacks.

The food is top notch, and I am thrilled to have found such an impressive spot. Feeling welcomed by the employees while being in the midst of healthy food is a sense people are guaranteed once they walk in the door.  It is a great place for locals to stop by if they need farm-fresh produce, a delightful sweet, or a filling sandwich.  Westford Academy students should certainly attend the country store if they are looking for a quick pit stop to pick up a sandwich for lunch in between their morning and afternoon classes.  Stony Brook Acres has come out of hibernation, and I would highly recommend it.