New classes come to WA


Julianna St. Paul

Some of the topics throughout the Empowerment and Goal-Setting elective

Julianna St. Paul, Staff Writer

WA is offering new classes for the 2020-2021 year. The new classes coming to WA are Empowerment and Goal-Setting, Law and Ethics in Business, and Microsoft Certified Application Specialist. Some of these new classes coming in are from the business field. These new classes were made to cater to the multitude of WA students who would enjoy entering the business field of work after WA.

Empowerment and Goal-Setting will be a half-year class offered by the english and the heath and wellness departments.  This class will be offered to the incoming sophomores, juniors, and seniors- with no prerequisites needed. It will help to answer questions about what makes us empowered. It also helps to answer questions regarding empowerment and its connection to resilience. The covered topics are gender roles in society, domestic violence, individual health needs, and gender equality. This course is described to help students set goals, self reflect and build confidence.

This class will be taught by Melanie Jozokos. Jozokos has taught a similar class before,, but this class is now more inviting to both genders. The previous class was titled ‘Women’s Empowerment’ and focused more on empowering women and the history of sexism and inequality. This new class focuses more on empowering all students and setting goals.

“Empowerment and goal setting was another way to have kids who are maybe walk in line with being a little bit shy or intimidated, or just learning how to navigate life’s issues for someone who might have a little bit of anxiety,” Jozokos explains.

The other new classes are in the business department. One of these classes is Law and Ethics in Business CP. This course teaches students the legal and ethical frameworks of business. Some things in the course overview are contracts, negotiable instruments, the law of sales, torts, crimes, constitutional law, and court systems are examined. This course states that students should be able to identify legal and ethical issues within business deals and situations.

The other business class that is coming to WA is the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist elective. Upon completing this class, students will receive the preparation for certification testing through the Microsoft Corporation. This course would allow students to add certificates and credentials to their transcripts.

This class’s agenda throughout the year will be to make useful office documents, such as letters and reports. Students will also have to create complex spreadsheets out of formulas, charts, and graphs. Students are also required to create a PowerPoint with audio, animation and video components. The students taking this class will also learn to transmit documents via email and publish them to the worldwide web.

At the end of the course, students will be eligible to take an exam. This exam, if passed, would count as college credit, as it satisfies the technology requirement. It is also noted that the cost of this test is minimal. This class would be offered to freshmen through seniors. This course is a half-year class.

These new classes are going to be offered at the start of the 2020 school year.