Underclassmen get ready to dance


Athena Lewin

The SADD and Project Purple board outside Melanie Jozokos's class. The board is broadcasting information about the upcoming underclassmen spring dance.

Athena Lewin, Staff Writer

On March 10, 2018, SADD, an after-school club, is hosting a spring fling for the underclassmen. Tickets are now being sold during lunches for $10 and at the door for $15.

Laurie Rybicki, the co-advisor for SADD and a special education teacher, believes that proper attire that adheres to dress code is key in choosing an outfit for the dance.

“It’s not required, but it’s recommended that students try to dress up and look nice, […] nothing formal, nothing prom-like,” said Rybicki.

At least 107 students have bought tickets for the dance, and many more are planning on buying their tickets soon. Many freshmen are excited to attend their first high school dance.

According to Rybicki, the school has hosted a number of semi formals in the past, but the dances were discontinued for a number of years, and while they attempted to bring the dances back a number of times, it was not until last year that it was able to stick.

“The SADD semiformal has been in Westford Academy for over twenty years or so [..] there were two times we tried to bring it back, but the school population and the students just weren’t ready for dances to come back, so then last year we tried it again and it was super popular,” said Rybicki.

The dance will take place in the cafeteria from seven to ten p.m., with music played by a DJ as well as both complementary and sold concessions.