Opinion: New midterm schedule helps students

Opinion: New midterm schedule helps students

Ben Walker, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday, January 17th, Westford Public Schools woke up to another snowstorm and therefore, another snow day.

For WA students, this storm hit two days before midterms were supposed to start. As a result, students and parents received an email the night before outlining a new schedule if school was indeed canceled.

The schedule would be two days of regular school on Thursday and Friday with midterms now starting the following Monday. A and B midterms would be Monday morning and C and D exams would be Tuesday morning.

However, the email from guidance discussed how they did not want to give students four days of exams in a row.

”In the spirit of Challenge Success, we wanted to provide a schedule that meets the need of students and faculty,” the email stated.

Therefore, Wednesday will be a day for E, F, and G classes to meet before their respective exams, which will be Thursday and Friday.

In my opinion, I am a huge fan of this new schedule. I am pleased to see that the school recognizes that midterms themselves are often stressful for students, but with another snowday two days before exams, it might add on a whole new level of stress.

I know that some English classes at WA still need to complete the in-class essay portion of their exam. If the schedule stayed the same with the snowday, classes would have had to complete the essay, but would not have another day of class for exam review.

Additionally, the E, F, G day next Wednesday I believe is very helpful for students. It allows for a nice break in exams and lets students study with friends or review with teachers. Typically, students have a weekend to both recooperate and study for their upcoming midterms.

All in all, I think this new schedule is the best solution and will limit student stress during a stressful time. With all the snow days and holidays, students have not had a ton of time to review with their classes as compared to recent years.