Clover brings a masterpiece


Natasha Singh, Print Manager

The Ghostwriter recently visited The Clover Food Lab, a fast food chain that began as a food truck serving near the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It is also a meat-free option, therefore friendly towards all vegetarians and animal lovers. However, Clover does not seem to broadcast this aspect of their restaurant to the public.

Clover is stationed inside Westford’s newest eco-minded market establishment, Whole Foods. The shop itself is placed underneath a giant banner spelling ‘kitchen’ in retro font; it’s difficult to miss.

“We try to keep everything very simple, but very careful. If you eat with us for breakfast you know that we’re making the soup or salads in the morning and prepping for lunch. We don’t make ketchup. We don’t make mayonnaise. We make just about everything else from scratch every day,” CEO of Clover Food Lab, Ayr Muir said.

Clover is a chain that constantly works on reducing their carbon footprint. They change their menus on a day-to-day basis with what is available at the local farmers’ and include a large blend of organic ingredients. This motto is reflected even on the design of the store, with minimal designs besides the logo and every ingredient out for display. It almost looks like a pristine white laboratory.

I decided to order a Clover staple, the chickpea fritter sandwich. Personally, I carry a stubborn and ignorant belief that vegetarian foods are sub par to the savory flavor that meat brings to a meal.

The order took less than five minutes, which was not entirely the ideal time for a fast food restaurant to make a sandwich. The fritter sandwich itself looked like aquarium decorations in a pita bun, but it was actually a refreshing sight. The part that stood out the most to my friend and I was the pickled cabbage.

The sandwich invalidated my hypothesis: it was delicious. The freshly made pita contained piquant hummus spread over a crunchy bed of vegetables. The fried chickpea fritters were layered with tahini sauce, which contributed to the exotic blend of flavors from the sandwich.

I tasted a few rosemary fries, but it felt underwhelming after the chickpea sandwich. They were without texture and without size. However, the rosemary flavor was favored by my companion.

I washed it all down with a refreshing hibiscus Tea, a sweet beverage with a mildly bitter note. Clover brought a different approach to the vegetarian meals, at least compared to my own experience.

Overall, Clover provided food that was very satisfying. It is a welcomed alternative to the blend of typical fast food chains located here in Westford. I would recommend the shop to those seeking vegetarian or vegan options, or simply want something new to try.