Reach for the stars with Comets Diner


Shaivi Shah

The 50s aesthetic atmosphere at Comets Diner.

Shaivi Shah, Staff Writer

In Tyngsborough lies a shooting star, Comets Diner. Framing the retro style of the 50s, customers sipping hot coffee and waiters busing tables and bringing steaming plates of food illustrates the cozy atmosphere at Comets Diner. 

As soon as my parents and I reached the building, we were greeted and immediately assigned a booth, despite the restaurant being completely full. The first things that caught my attention were the checkered floors and bright turquoise paint color. As the waitress finished taking our order, I looked around, observing the atmosphere of the diner. I noticed the black and white pictures, a jukebox, vinyl records on the wall, and more. The aesthetic of the setting felt like it was part of a set in an old-fashioned movie.

I ordered a “Swiss and Shroom” omelet on an English muffin with a side of home fries and a short stack of twoBlueberry Hill ‘Cakes”. After waiting for nearly a half-hour, the waitress arrived with four plates of food. I could smell the blueberry pancakes from a couple feet away. She placed down our food and the syrup bottle, and the pancakes made a straight beeline into my mouth.

The blueberry pancakes had loads of whole, fresh blueberries that were sweet and paired nicely with the semi-sweet syrup. The pancakes, themselves, were fluffy and soft, but quite dry. They absorbed the majority of the syrup, which made them even heavier. A short stack of “Blueberry Hill ‘Cakes”, which has only two pancakes, cost $7.99.

The $11.99 “Swiss and Shroom” omelet was steaming hot when it was placed in front of me. After forming my omelet and English muffin sandwich I took a bite, with the melted strings of cheese stretching to its fullest extent. I liked how velvety the omelet was in contrast to the buttery and crunchy pieces of the English muffin. The mushrooms in the omelet were tender and cooked perfectly throughout. The only complaint I have about the omelet was that it lacked a great amount of seasoning. The mushrooms made it slightly better, but the use of seasoning would have made it truly exceptional. The home fries that came with the omelet were delicious, as they were crisp on the outside and mushy on the inside.

Although there weren’t many vegetarian meals that appealed to my mom, she ended up choosing the vegetarian burger that came with french fries and a pickle on the side, along with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and American cheese inside the burger. She was worried that she would not enjoy it, although when I sampled a small bite, it was flavorful, seasoned, and filling; she agreed as well. The vegetarian burger cost $11.99.

In the end, the experience was good and I would most definitely recommend going to this diner with friends and family.