The Owl Diner reintroduces the feeling of having an old school breakfast


Noah Brown

The Owl Diner’s unique labeling from the outside of the restaurant.

The Owl Diner, formerly known as the Monarch Diner, is a popular breakfast spot in an old, remodeled train car nestled in central Lowell. While being mostly known for its variety of omelets and its nostalgic morning meals for the residents of northern Massachusetts, the Owl is mostly overlooked due to how far it is from Westford. Although, the Owl should be the spot that everyone should go to. 

Taking a ride on a quiet Sunday morning, with three friends accompanying me, I arrived at a quaint train car on the side of the road. Parking was limited and tight, but right up next to the place allowing for easy access in and out. Upon entering, it felt like walking through a moment in the 1950s, with checkered floors and a dim overhanging light glowing in the hallway.

Walking in, the scents of crisp bacon and freshly brewed coffee wafted through the air of crispy bacon and freshly brewed coffee on the countertop, spiraling around the back of the long hallway of booths and stools lining each side of the train car. With a smile and a wave from the server behind the counter, she made us feel welcome and told us to take a seat wherever we would like.

Within less than a minute, the waitress asked us what we wanted for beverages and came back immediately to accommodate us. The service was great and fast, with each question accompanied by a kind smile, and created a hospitable feeling. 

All of the things that we had ordered were nothing short of delicious, with the Branch Street omelet (an omelet filled with cheese and sausage) being all but an empty plate in an unreasonably short amount of time. The Special (two eggs scrambled with sliced ham, toast, and home fries) was something that even I was eying while my friends demolished it and the pancakes, which can come with chocolate, blueberry, or bananas, looked and tasted amazing, with a great flavor and fluffiness almost like a pillow.

The food exceeded our expectations while keeping the price range low and affordable with the total coming to around only $50 for four people. The only big problem with the Owl was that you can only pay with cash. However, the entrance is accompanied by an ATM. 

With the restaurant being open every day, this would definitely be the spot where I would want to hang out with friends. In total, the trip to Lowell for breakfast was completely worth the experience that I had and I would recommend that other people should come to visit this place for a comfortable bite to eat.