The Classic Kitchen Café provides a welcoming morning experience


Fares Osman

A look at the entrance of the Classic Kitchen Café.

Fares Osman, Staff Writer

The Classic Kitchen Café at Westford’s Cornerstone Square is an underappreciated, yet exceptional place to eat for a quick sit-down breakfast. A sentimental feeling is brought to the Café considering the childhood-like experience offered by the small and homey environment. Coming into the café with a family member or a friend allows for a fine opportunity to connect with each other due to its small size.

The Classic Kitchen Café, which is open from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Tuesdays-Saturdays, and from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sundays, offers services like Doordash and Uber Eats.

The Café was busier than the times I have been in the past, as there was not much seating to fit the number of people coming in, but many tables for two were available. Going during weekdays would be a better idea if you do not want to eat in a packed restaurant. The payment system was considerate and similar to a fast-food restaurant where people must order and pay before sitting down. The cost of the food was mostly $10 or less, excluding any sides. I decided on ordering pancakes, which were $10, and an omelet, which was $8.50, but with sides totaled $11.

The pancakes and omelets were similar to any other café, where the pancakes came in orders of three with no sides, while the omelet came with white or wheat bread and a choice of french toast or home fries as a side.

After ordering and sitting down, the pancakes arrived in 10 minutes, coming with syrup and utensils. I drizzled syrup on the top of the pancakes, then ate the first one. Moving on to the second one, I noticed it was stuck to the other one, resulting in the surface of each of the two ripping off. The pancakes contained a couple of black spots, making them appear unappealing. Disregarding both of these incidents, the pancakes were cooked fairly well and were soft.

When the omelet came shortly after the pancakes, it came with a side of home fries and white bread. You could order the omelet with vegetables or cheese. The omelet was folded in half with American cheese in the middle, and the cheese melted inside the omelet instead of being cooked with it. When biting into the omelet, I noticed the texture of both the cheese and the omelet. The omelet was a little dry but the cheese made it moist enough to eat. The home fries were cut into smaller pieces than normal fries, and they were cooked well and were soft. The bread was not too dry, but definitely more than usual.

Eating at the café was an overall good experience and a fun time, as it was full of people but the food was still made really fast and with effort. Your server was the person working at the register when you ordered, making everything smooth and straightforward. The servers all checked up on their tables regularly and treated everyone positively.

Breakfast is not a popular thing to do with a big group, but instead a good idea with a friend or two considering the lack of seating at the café. Coming to the café was a nostalgic feeling and an experience most families or friends haven’t had in a while, or even ever. Arriving between the times of 8-9 a.m. is a sweet spot because it starts to get crowded at 10 a.m.