Karma brings good fortune

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Karma brings good fortune

Alisha Sabnis, Advertising Manager

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Karma, an Asian cuisine restaurant, is very popular throughout Westford with its enticing meals and welcoming environment. The dishes come from a variety of countries including: China, Japan, Korea, and Thailand, creating a fusion style of food from different cultures.

When I entered the restaurant on a Saturday evening, I was surprised to see the restaurant very crowded and lively. One might not have guessed it being like that from the outside since the building looks fairly small from the parking lot.

Since my family and I did not make a reservation (which I suggest to do), we were told that there was a twenty minute wait. There were a couple comfy couches to sit on while we awaited our table. Surprisingly, even with the crowd, our wait was around ten minutes rather than the estimated twenty and we were escorted to our table by a friendly waitress.

When we arrived at the booth, the napkins were neatly presented on the table, resembling a Japanese fan. The whole restaurant was lighted well with lamps hanging from the ceiling, and the walls were decorated with paintings and Korean characters. Our waitress was quick to bring us water as soon as we were seated. It was a bit warmer than room temperature which I personally did not like since I prefer my water to be cold.

The drinks came relatively fast. I ordered a pina-colada (virgin) which was without a doubt the best one I’ve had. It had chocolate syrup and was topped with whipped cream and a cherry. It was admittedly expensive, being $5, but had a great taste nonetheless.

The menu had a variety of choices from vegetarian options to non vegetarian. There were about 30 different sushi types, all of which sounded very appetizing. Many different traditional rolls were available as well. I was happy to see a whole vegetarian section since most restaurants don’t have one (or a very limited one).

We decided to order miso soup which came very fast even with the crowded restaurant. It was amazing with many different vegetables and seasonings. We also ordered a plate of vegetable tempura as an appetizer which consisted of sweet potato, cucumber, broccoli, and zucchini. Since there were only five pieces of vegetables,we had to order a second plate to satisfy all six of us. I had to drown my vegetables in the sauce because it admittedly didn’t have much taste to it. I suggest that they could season it more because it tasted much better after putting salt and pepper on it.

About twenty minutes after ordering, our entrees started to come. The orange peel chicken was very delicious. The sauce was filled with spices and flavor which paired well with the chicken. We also ordered the California Maki which came in 6 pieces. It was one of the best sushis I’ve ever tasted.

For my main course, I ordered a dish of mango with stir fried chicken which tasted amazing. It was also topped with different vegetables and a sweet mango sauce. The combination of everything went very well together and I would probably order it again if I had the choice.

The vegetable fried rice had a really nice seasoning and came in a big serving. It was filled with broccoli, carrots and onions as well. The vegetable lo mein which was complemented with onions, carrots, spring onions and celery was also appetizing but could use a bit more seasoning.

After we finished our dinner, our waitress kindly boxed up our leftovers for us so that we could take it home. The total bill came out to be $78 for the six of us. I’d say the food was pretty cheap for high quality dishes. All the entrees we ordered ranged from $8-$11. I highly reccomend Karma if you are looking for a not so expensive place to eat with exceptional taste.