Flints serves as a nice alternative


Ben Walker, Managing Editor

Recently, the Ghostwriter had a chance to eat at Flint’s Corner Pizza and Seafood, a small pizza shop located on 150 Westford Road, in Tyngsboro. From pizza to subs, Flint’s offers a wide menu that is sure to satisfy anyone wishing for a new pizza place.

When we first walked in, we noticed it was just like your average pizza shop. We were met by a counter with a large menu shown on flatscreen TVs above as well as several refrigerators full of a variety of drink selections. There were also several booth tables around the perimeter of the shop.

After some careful consideration, we opted to buy a small cheese pizza, a large order of french fries, and a small order of chicken tenders. We also purchased two refrigerated drinks. However, we were a little surprised by the paying process, as we did not have to pay until we were about to leave. Our total came out to be about 24 dollars.

Once we ordered, we sat down in the booth area and only had to wait for about ten minutes. For the most part, all of our food came out at once. It all came out on one tray, with the exception of the pizza, which came on its own platter.

We first tried the cheese pizza. Covered in stringy cheese and tasty tomato sauce, the pizza was definitely your average pizza shop pizza. Although it was good, it was certainly no different than any other slice of pizza that you could get at other pizza shops. However, the crust was quite enjoyable, better than your usual pizza crust.

We then tried the french fries. Unfortunately, we were not too impressed with the fries. For starters, we were given an overwhelming amount. Even though we ordered a large, we were definitely not anticipating the amount we were given. The fries were also rather bland in taste, which we were disappointed about.

Finally, we sampled the chicken tenders. These were quite tasty, with almost a perfect amount of crisp; we thoroughly enjoyed this part of our meal. We were given the amount we expected for a small order, so it was just enough to split between two people. However, if you are one to have a large appetite, a large order of tenders would be smart.

In the end, we were satisfied with our experience at Flint’s. It wasn’t anything all that out of the ordinary, but if you are looking for an alternative pizza shop, Flint’s is a solid choice.