A Freshman’s Guide To Midterms


The midterm schedule

Andrew Dickey, Staff Writer

The holidays were just on everyone’s mind, it seems. However, this time of joy and giving is cut off by the looming terror of midterms. Midterms and finals strike fear into the hearts of even upperclassmen. But, the group most worried by these daunting 90 minute tests are freshmen. The new kids on the block, freshmen are at a disadvantage, having never taken these kinds of tests. This guide should help them (and anyone else) get a better idea what midterms are all about.

The best way to start thinking about midterms is to look at the big picture. The tests last exactly 90 minutes and there is one for all subjects. That includes gym and almost all electives (except for DLT). The test covers everything from the beginning of the year up to the test itself. The tests are over 4 days. The first three days have 2 tests, and the last day only has 1. If a snow day occurs, tests will be moved to a later date and you will have to adjust studying habits to the schedule. The order of the tests goes alphabetically, from A to G.

Here are some tips to make sure your midterm experience is the best it can be:

1.) In English and History, be prepared to write an essay or paragraph as part of the test. In all levels, teacher may give you potential topics of the essay in advance. It would be recommend to use this information to study for the essay. 

2.) Be sure ask the elective teachers what the test is on, because it may be unconventional.

3.) Use friends in the class to compare notes; use flashcards to quiz each other on the material. Sometimes hearing another voice can bring in brand new perspectives, which can be extremely useful.

4.) One of the most important things to do is to utilize the time before the test starts. The hour or so before the test starts can be some of the most valuable time. If there’s something that was hard to peg down before, use this time to review, so it’s fresh when you take the test. Teachers are also available for extra help during this time, and it can be helpful to talk to them as well. The 20 minutes between tests is another great time for last minute review. If you don’t need this extra time, feel free to sleep in. However, make sure to show up on time for the test. 

5.) Make sure to bring the proper materials. Have a number 2 pencil, though some may be provided. Also, bring a calculator if your teacher requires it. Listen to the teachers beforehand, because not having the right materials is a setback that is difficult to recover from. 

6.) Some tests may have 100+ multiple choice. Make sure to budget your time for each question, so time doesn’t creep up on you.

7.) The library also fills up extremely quickly. Stand by the doors early to get a spot. If you don’t get a spot, there are many hallways, and some may be a better study environment than the library. 

8.) There will be a lot of unconstructed time during the midterms, don’t waste all of it with friends. However, teachers won’t be on the prowl, so quiet talking is always allowed.

9.) Make sure parents aren’t at the school for pick ups too early. The seniors will be rushing to leave, and it’s best to just let them. Have parents do pick ups 30 minutes after the test ends.

10.) The midterms can be a stressful time, but as long as steps to prepare are taken, midterms are nothing but another test.