Science welcomes new teacher

By Craig Brinkerhoff
Copy Editor

Westford Academy welcomes another teacher to the science department this year.  Joining the Chemistry team is Christopher Brown, after spending seven years at Chelmsford High School.

“I’ve always heard great things about WA, I’ve tutored quite a number of students here, and my wife saw a position open here.  I started to weigh out the long term, for it’s closer to home, and here I am,” said Brown.

Brown began his teaching career at Bishop Connolly High School, a small private school in Fall River, MA.  After three years, he moved south to teach right outside of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a year.  After his brief stay in South Carolina, Brown headed north once more to teach at Chelmsford High School.

“He was a little apprehensive on the first day, but he allowed the class to bond with him after a few ice breaker activities,” said WA sophomore Thomas Sherriff, as Brown began the first day of class.

This year he has two honors and three CP1 classes of chemistry to keep himself busy.  However, when asked what class he would create if given the opportunity, he was resolute on melding organic chemistry and cooking.

“I’d like to teach the chemistry behind food … What did you make in the lab today? Spaghetti and Meatballs,” said Brown.

While a chemistry teacher by trade, Brown identifies himself first and foremost as a dad.  He spends the majority of his time with his two kids, four year old Desmond and two year old Avia.  He allocates the rest of his time between cooking, reading, and watching and playing basketball and soccer.  When asked about coaching little league for his kids, Brown was adamant.

“Not yet, but I will. I will be that guy,” said Brown.

Brown is an avid traveller, having been everywhere from the Outer Banks to Aruba to Portugal and Spain.  Though he can not speak a word of another language, he tries his best to immerse himself in the cultures.

He came into teaching completely by accident.  Originally planning to never go near teaching, with a degree in biology, Brown found himself filling in for a friend, who as a biology teacher had just been accepted to Medical School.  Soon enough the quick substitute position turned into a long term job, and Brown eventually obtained his Masters in education.

As the years progressed in Chelmsford, he was slowly turned into a chemistry guy, starting with one chemistry class and eventually teaching it exclusively.  One his goals to this day is to receive a bachelor’s degree in chemistry.

For Brown, he loves chemistry because of the labs, giving kids the chance to get dirty. He also enjoys seeing the progression of students, from freshman to senior year.  Going through a chemistry problem and solving it is what brings him enjoyment. But more importantly, chemistry explains everything.

“I love it because there is so much chemistry that goes on every day, you just take it for granted.  I love it because it’s a concrete subject,” said Brown.

Such a love for teaching, according to Sherriff, has made him a valuable asset to the science department.

“Mr. Brown brings a lot of expertise to the classroom. He has taught chemistry for several years and […] I’m excited to see what other characteristics Mr. Brown brings to the classroom this upcoming year,” said Sherriff.

Chelmsford High student Joey Penn, who was a student of Brown, believes he will be missed dearly.

“Mr. Brown was a great teacher who enriched my learning experience by relating concepts in class to real life scenarios, and he was really fun,” said Penn.

Regardless of past and current student reflections, Brown is happy to be here in Westford.

“Everything so far about this school has been beyond my expectations,” Brown said.