Bravo, Evviva Cucina!

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Evviva Cucina

By Nicole Souza
Staff Writer

Shiny silverware, glossy wood tables, modern pop music, and a delectable aroma are the first three things one notices upon entering Westford’s new Italian restaurant Evviva Cucina. There was a decent crowd inside at 6:00pm on a Saturday night, but there was no wait required.

On the back of all of the servers’ black uniform shirts, it said, “Amici!” which is Italian for friend. This adds to the amiable attitudes of all of the workers in the restaurant.

Instead of the usual pad and paper, servers took people’s orders using a touch screen POS system. Using this, orders are taken faster and reach the kitchen right away. There is less of a wait for the hungry customers; I only waited about ten minutes for my Free Bird individual pizza to arrive at the table.

The pizzas could either be ordered as individuals or as a regular. The Free Bird Individual was made on a crunchy crust that was fluffy and warm on the inside. The goat cheese, grilled chicken, and spinach were warmed to perfection on the top of the pizza, and it melted in my mouth the instant I took the first bite. The pizza was also covered with mozzarella, arugula, and lemon vinaigrette.

The Pasta Rigatone Calabrese consisted of sausage bolognese, Maple Brook Farms mozzarella, and panko herb crumbs. The small pasta shapes were perfect bite sizes, with just the right amount of tomato sauce on each.

“We serve classy Italian cuisine with a contemporary twist. Our concept is to get the food right from the oven to your table,” said waiter Alex Gounaris.

Dessert was a Zeppoli, an Italian pastry consisting of deep fried dough about four by four inches big. On top was caramel gelato and a thin spray of Nutella poured on as well. Though it was tough to cut with a butter knife, the dough was fluffy and the gelato was pleasantly cold.

All in all, Evviva Cucina presents an efficiently paced, friendly atmosphere, where good food can be enjoyed for a moderate price.