Rusko: the dubside of music

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By DJ Keller

Staff Writer

Womp Womp Womp. Arguably the best way to describe dubstep is in those three words. This new genre has exploded in the last year, and is bringing in a whole new era of music. Electronic, techno, dubstep, party and dance music is sweeping across the US.

Dubstep artists Doorly and Rusko played at the House of Blues in Boston on April 26. Both artists brought an array of fans, but everyone there shared a similar goal, a night of pure dancing and enjoyment. College students and veteran ravers stood side by side, all vibing off each other having a good time. The venue was sold out, and by the time Rusko came on the floor was packed.

What followed was a night of loud bass and the most insane light show. Remixes of lil wayne, Dr. Dre, and other various rap artists were played. They also sampled other dubstep artists’ music like flux’s bass cannon. The set list was incredible, for both Doorly and Rusko played everything I wanted to hear and more. With big hits such as Raindrops, Johova, Woo Boost, Hold On, and Pro Nails, both artists left the crowd ecstatic, only wishing the music would never stop.

Even if you haven’t experienced or heard of this new age music, you have. Turn on the radio to Kiss or Jammin, and you’ll hear it. Some songs are more subtle than others, but many of the new songs being produced today are being dubbed out with electronic beats, more rave and dance-like music.

And that’s what dubstep is all about. A genre you can dance however you want to and let the bass control your head. That’s where the heart of dubstep lies, in the drops and heavy bass.