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‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’ will have you dancing the whole time

John Shearer/Getty Images
Taylor Swift at her movie premiere.

With high demand from fans for another tour movie, Taylor Swift delivered by releasing her newest tour film, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour on Oct. 13, 2023, her first tour film since Taylor Swift: Reputation Stadium Tour in 2019. Originally, Swift released this only at AMC theaters, but the film has now branched out and is playing in all theaters throughout the world. This concert film perfectly captures the pure joy, excitement, and intensity of Swift’s Eras Tour.

For the past 17 years, Swift has been in the music industry, and has released ten incredible studio albums and is in the works of re-releasing all of her six earliest albums. Sadly, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Swift’s originally planned tour for her 2019 album Lover was canceled. However, with all the time she had during the pandemic, she created two new albums and released her newest album, Midnights in late 2022. This set Swift up with four albums that she still needed to tour for, so she came up with the brilliant concept to mash all of her albums into a three-and-a-half hour concert. 

The tour was doing so well that Swifties (her diehard fans) were insisting that she release a tour movie so that people who were unable to attend her shows could still feel the magic that Swift brought to all of her shows, this time through the big screen. She fulfilled fans’ wishes and brought the absolute joy she emulates throughout her performances to everyone at home with this film.

Even with the concept being a film, the amazing production really made me feel like I was actually at the concert. Swift’s vocals were off the charts with how strong they were during the entire performance. She had crazy stamina, and never once ran out of breath or stopped singing, even while she was dancing. Her choreography brought to life the stories that she was telling through her songs as she moved across the stage, and gave more of a performance then just a regular dance routine. Her energy was something else and that energy was transferred to even fans in the theaters. 

The vibe in the room was unlike any other with all of the singing, dancing, and costumes that were put together just for that night. Fans knew all of the lyrics to Swift’s 41 songs that were showcased in the film, and were loudly singing along to every single one as they danced along and even did some of Swift’s choreography with her. It was lots of fun seeing all of the costumes that people were wearing to go watch the film. From people wearing just her merch to wearing sparkly dresses, everyone put a little something Swift coded into their outfit. All through the movie, fans were showing their excitement for the film and treating it like their own little concert. 

Along with Swift’s amazing performance, the element that made the film even better was the spectacularly clear video footage. How clear the camera quality was really enhanced the experience and made it even better to watch. Along with Swift’s vocals, the way she transitioned from one song to the next was clever and seamless. There were no awkward pauses, even with her insanely fast and impressive costume changes that stunningly matched each of the Eras. Each transition was a seamless flow into the next chapter of Swift’s story telling.

Although this movie was great, I feel like it could have been even better if the film was able to keep in the songs that they had cut. Fan favorites like “Cardigan” and “Wildest Dreams” were cut, along with a few others. Even though these songs were only cut because of how long the movie already was, I feel like fans would not have minded singing and dancing through a few more songs. I also wish that the movie had at least kept in one of the speeches that Swift had made to the crowd during her show. In these speeches, Swift would talk about how much she loves her fans and about what the background of the song means to her and how she sees how much it means to the fans. Her speeches showed how much she loved each and every one of her fans and also made the song that she was singing after even more special to listen to.

Overall, this movie was excellent and fully worth watching the whole time. It perfectly captured Swift’s whole performance and really gave the audience in the theaters the full concert experience. I also loved at the end how there were pictures of fans at the shows, showing how much Swift loves all of them. 


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  • M

    Memere and PepereNov 6, 2023 at 9:51 am

    Your article on Taylor Swift’s ERAS Tour was
    truly well done. It was a joy to read. Great Job!
    We are looking forward to reading additional
    articles as the year progresses.

  • D

    Donna ShawNov 4, 2023 at 8:45 pm

    Sara, your article was not just only well written but you did a fantastic job capturing Taylor Swift’s career, her music, love of her fans as well as the charisma she exhibits in every performance. I so enjoyed reading it.