Bergeron drops a beat at Champlain College for Sonic Arts


Shaivi Shah

Bergeron will attend Champlain College for their Sonic Arts program.

Shaivi Shah, Staff Writer

Music is an art. Like all art forms, music allows a person to express themselves in a creative, freeing way. For senior Sam Bergeron, music is all of those things, as well as something he wants to make a lifelong career.

From surfing the internet to discovering his hobby to becoming his college career, Sonic Arts will be what Bergeron will focus on in college. He will be majoring in Creative Media and applying for the Sonic Art programs at Champlain College located in Burlington, Vermont this fall. Sonic Arts is an electronic music class that focuses on sound design.

“I really got into electronic music […] which was my startup to get into making my own designs on the computer,” Bergeron said.

Going to Champlain College, Bergeron is most excited to learn more about sound design and to explore Vermont. He discovered the college through his sister, who previously attended the school for a writing major. Bergeron liked that the college had more hands-on classes, rather than the standard lecture hall.

Bergeron’s inspiration started when he came across a French artist, Madeon, who makes electronic dance music. According to Bergeron, the important component to create a good song is to play around with the audios to see what fits well with each other. His favorite part about creating music is the ability to express oneself.

“Being able to create a feeling and convey that to others through lyrics or instrumental, I just think that’s really great,” Bergeron said.

WA music teacher Adam Shekleton has had Bergeron in his music technology classes for the two years he has been teaching at WA. Shekleton has been one of the people that helped Bergeron to pursue sound and music.

“I think it’s super cool that somebody is studying the sonic arts. [He has developed] a deeper understanding of music and the theory behind music,” Shekleton said. “He had the opportunity to create music that represented visual arts and represented different emotions.”

Sam Bergeron’s sound designs can be found on his Instagram at @sameboi_23.