Outer Banks season three is a let down


Outer Banks season three Netflix cover.

Victoria Farley, Staff Writer

*Warning! This article contains spoilers from the third season of Outer Banks. 

The third season of the action-filled mystery Netflix series, Outer Banks was released on February 23, 2023, and people have been overflowing with excitement ever since it premiered. This show is a thrilling and adventurous drama about the divide in social classes between the wealthy Kooks and hard working Pogues on Kildare Island and the conflicts they face while searching for a multi-million dollar lost treasure.

The first season of Outer Banks debuted at the perfect time in April of 2020 in the midst of lockdown due to Covid-19. In a time where very few television shows were coming out with new episodes, viewers were intrigued to watch the latest Netflix show. Outer Banks season one was a great show to binge and left viewers on the edge of their seats wanting more after the cliffhanger ending. Desperate watchers finally received a second season in late July of 2021. Viewers loved the second season of Outer Banks just as much as they did the first. Unfortunately, the third season which came out this winter disappointed many viewers including myself. 

The final episode of the second season showed a brief clip of John B’s (Chase Stokes) dad, Big John (Charles Halford). This shocked viewers who believed he was killed long ago by antagonist, Ward Cameron (Charles Esten). The welcoming of Big John in the third season worsened the story and ruined what drew a lot of attention to the show, the fact that there were a limited number of adults involved.

Although seasons one and two were unrealistic as well, the change of storylines in season three did not allow for the acting to be as impressive as they were in the previous seasons. The unrealistic events in this season made me lose interest just a few episodes in. The fact that the Pogues: John B (Chase Stokes), JJ (Rudy Pankow), Kiara (Madison Bailey), Sarah (Madelyn Cline), Pope, (Jonathan Daviss), and Cleo (Carlacia Grant) lived on their own on a stranded island without food, water, or shelter was foolish and simply did not make sense.

At the end of the third season when Big John and Ward actually die, their deaths have little meaning because people watching have been told and assumed other times in the series that these characters have died already. The deaths of the two fathers do not affect the plot a tremendous amount. As a matter of fact, the characters barely acknowledge the deaths of Big John and Ward, making it even more unrealistic.

The Pogues, along with Big John are in search of “El Dorado” on their most recent treasure hunting mission. However, Big John is captured by the evil Carlos Singh (Andy McQueen) who is also searching for the hidden treasure to complete the missing piece of his family’s inheritance. Sarah makes a deal with her father, Ward, to arrange a flight for all the Pogues to fly to South America to find “El Dorado” and save Big John. 

On the flip side, there are some positives to this season. Outer Banks has always been an entertaining show to watch and continues to be throughout the third season. Despite not being realistic, the entertaining scenarios allow for viewers to grow a love for the Pogues. Episode 9, titled “Welcome to Kitty Hawk” stood out to me the most as it was a unique story about Kiara being sent away and locked up in a wilderness therapy camp. Luckily, JJ came to the rescue showing his love for Kiara.

The final episode, “Secret of the Gnomon” is an overwhelming and exciting, yet a ridiculous ending to the third season of Outer Banks. In the tenth episode, relationships come together, and although being attacked in the process, John B and Sarah are able to escape the dangerous caves of South America and return with the precious “El Dorado” which they had been searching for for the entirety of the season. 

In conclusion, I think that the third season of Outer Banks was a slight let down and the newly introduced characters made the plot decline overall. What was once a show about teenage kids on an adventure to find treasure was ruined when meeting Big John who took over much of this season’s storyline and refocused the show on greedy adult figures. 

I would recommend Outer Banks to whoever is interested in watching an exciting and dramatic Netflix series. Although the storyline in the third season was disappointing, Outer Banks is nevertheless an entertaining program for teens.