Season 2 of Bridgerton brings more epic romance, scandal



Kate Sharma and Viscount Anthony Bridgerton dancing.

Jackie Clay, Staff Writer

The second season of Bridgerton pulled the viewer back into the fantastical world that fans of the books and show were hoping for, especially in the sense of romance. This season, aired on March 25, continues in the Regency era of England. The show follows the wealthy and entitled Bridgerton family, and other families of equal rank and status in society, the eight siblings find love during the London social season. Season 2 was an amazing watch that kept this viewer’s eyes on the screen till the last second.

Based on a series of books, each season is meant to highlight the love story of a different sibling. The first season followed Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) the eldest daughter who had a dramatic and flirtatious courtship with the Duke of Hastings until their eventual wedding and marriage. That couple’s scandalous season was followed by an equally dramatic and compelling love story in season 2.

Now the story follows Viscount Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey), a young playboy who wishes to fulfill his duty of finding a wife, but has lost interest in the concept of love. Here, enters the Sharma family, who is coming to marry off the younger and more agreeable daughter Miss Edwina Sharma (Charithra Chandran). Her older sister Miss Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley) has a fiery and vicious personality that vexes Anthony.

Anthony immediately begins courting Edwina, but he must contend with the older sister in order to secure Edwina’s hand. Kate and Anthony bicker throughout the entire courtship of him and her sister, both too competitive to have anything but their own way. But Kate is the person who excites him and infuriates him; he cannot himself keep away from her. Anthony must fulfill his duty to marry and perhaps both Kate and Anthony can find love along the way.

This show is full of scandal, and this season, the characters have to pull themselves through many scandals revealed by a certain infamous scandal sheet writer, Lady Whistledown. How the family moves its way through the shark infested waters of the titled London society is both interesting and thrilling to watch. Anthony and Kate’s secret infatuation is stressful yet fulfilling to watch, especially as Edwina and Anthony move through their courtship.

The main excitement of this season is the amazing enemies-to-lovers romance of Kate and Anthony. Their irritation with each other throughout most of the season gives them an exciting and compelling dynamic as they continue to clash with their fire and competitiveness. As the season moves forward, they begin to find common ground and an intense passion for one another. Their romance is never easy, but by the end, audiences will be rooting for them to get together.

While the story focuses on Anthony, the other siblings are given storylines as well. The viewer also keeps an eye on the new money next-door neighbors, the Featheringtons and their problems, shining a specific light on the youngest, Penelope, and the new Lord Featherington. However, while the story mainly maintains its focus on the oldest Bridgerton and his perilous course to find love, too much time is spent on the side characters’ story lines and not enough on the main romance.

Each of the main characters gets their own side journey and not all of them are interesting enough for the amount of time spent on them. The storyline of the new Lord Featherington is also not as interesting as it could have been. It felt as though more could have been done with it or it could have moved in a different direction.

While this show is set in the Regency era in London, the costumes are made of bright flashy colors and patterns that wouldn’t have been around at the time. The music is also all orchestra renditions of modern songs, with no authentic music from the time. But while it is set up as a period piece, being historically accurate is not the purpose of the show. The beautiful songs and colors add to the show, making it much more visually and audibly engaging. The colorful costumes also color code the families and give visual cues to show a families origins and status.

This show is an enjoyable and thrilling ride for anyone who enjoys romance and scandal. The beautiful love story of Anthony and Kate makes this season suspenseful and a wonderful binge watch. If you like Outlander, The Great, or The Pursuit of Love then you will love Bridgerton.