Maru spreads the wonders of STEM with engineering company

Senior Neev Maru creates his own engineering company to spread STEM to different kinds of communities.

Neev Maru

Senior Neev Maru creates his own engineering company to spread STEM to different kinds of communities.

Melanie Duronio, Co-Managing Editor

Many students can find it difficult to juggle classes, extracurriculars, and social life while preparing for college at the same time. However, in the case of senior Neev Maru, this is all an easy feat compared to the business he has begun.

Maru was first inspired to create a robotics engineering company after running a STEM camp for some family friends. He found the experience to be incredibly rewarding, and soon found himself wondering how he could extend this opportunity further.

MC3D, short for Mindstorms Coding and 3D Printing, teaches robotics, 3D printing, and programming courses to young students. With four branches located in Massachusetts, Kentucky, Indiana, and California respectively, MC3D is able to connect with children from all across the country.

“I thought that if I could teach these kids [at camp] and they could enjoy it, then I could teach others who might not have the same opportunity,” Maru said.

From then on, MC3D’s primary goal became to extend STEM lessons to communities where students are not given much opportunity to explore the field. Beginning from a local angle, Maru began looking into prospects in Lowell.

“Lowell is a close town and a relatively underprivileged community, so I contacted the local library and worked from there,” Maru explained. “For most of the kids, it was their first opportunity [experiencing] STEM, and they all really enjoyed it.” 

However, MC3D’s most unique aspect is that it is run entirely by high schoolers. From family friends to cousins, Maru formed a network of intelligent teenagers that now work in all four branches. He appreciates working alongside his peers towards a common goal, as they all share similar mindsets and can relate to one another.

“When I have something tough for high school, such as a project or test, everyone understands and is able to pick up the slack,” Maru said.

Surprisingly, the team did not find the pandemic to be a major obstacle, and in some aspects, it made the beginning stages of creating MC3D easier. Granted with sudden free time, Maru was able to lead multiple meetings with his team to discuss lesson plans, presentations, and timelines. Additionally, the period allowed new members to train and settle into eventual roles.

“In a way, the pandemic really helped us to connect. We were able to use online programs more effectively and teach online [as an alternative],” Maru recalled. “[The group members] were all able to gain their own teaching experience […] in Massachusetts for about three months and had started their own branches by the following school year.” 

By adopting a leadership role for the first time, Maru had to learn some new skills himself. He picked up multiple business management techniques, such as how to establish a positive culture amongst his staff and make decisions on the fly. Most notably, Maru learned how to communicate in a professional environment through conversing with clients and answering parents’ questions.

Back in the classroom, Maru has found all of these lessons to be extremely useful when working in groups.

“I had to learn how to get my point across and figure out what [everyone] needs all while staying professional. […] Through this, I’ve been able to apply what I’ve learned through MC3D to my classes at school, and vise versa,” Maru said.

With college approaching, Maru is considering majoring in business and even obtaining a career in the field beyond that. MC3D has not only inspired him, but given him joy in the form of teaching and leadership. Maru looks forward to what the future holds for him, his team, and any further endeavors. 

“I am passionate and excited about [MC3D] […] I built something from the ground up, and I think that was a really great experience for me,” Maru stated.