Girls’ basketball dominates Newton South from beginning to end


Anushka Patil

WA and Newton South watch as senior Tamar Almasian’s shot goes through the basket.

Anushka Patil, Co-Editor-in-Chief

With well-executed three-point shots, strong offensive plays, and quick recoveries, Westford Academy Girls’ Basketball defeated Newton South on Friday, Jan. 14, with a final score of 54-34.

“We really played well as a team today. Our energy remained high, and we executed on a lot of the strategy that we’ve been working on during practice; I think that’s why we kept the lead the entire game,” senior player Kate Barnes (#32) said after the home game on Friday.

The game started with junior Ali Mammola (#14) taking control of the ball for WA. Through this, senior captain Carly Davey (#20) was able to score the first two points of the game. Davey went on to score the majority of points this quarter, and game, by finding gaps in Newton South’s defense.

WA saw a great opportunity during the first half of this quarter, with a score of 8-0 halfway through it. However, Newton South soon picked up their weight, even earning two points at the last second, allowing for the quarter to end with a score of 18-11, WA in the lead. Other than Davey, both senior captain Abby Chambers (#11) and Barnes contributed to the team score: Chambers with two three-pointers and Barnes with two free throws.

Like the first quarter, the second, for WA, saw a number of three-pointers and prolonged plays built on solid teamwork. Shortly after Newton South scored the first two points of the quarter, Chambers made a smooth three-pointer with an assist by sophomore Molly Harding (#10). After this, WA took charge of the second quarter, defending the ball well enough to keep the game mainly on WA’s offensive side.

With well-aimed layups and aggressive rebounds, WA ended the first half in the lead, 33-17. For the second quarter, top scorers included Davey, Chambers, and senior captain Kayley Carignan (#24).

The second half went by much slower than the first, with WA scoring less during the third and fourth quarters in comparison to the first and second.

However, like exhibited during the first half, WA capitalized on three-pointers and free throws, as well as solid passes that kept the ball out of Newton South’s possession.

Newton South picked up their energy during the third quarter, asserting themselves more actively on the court. On more than one occasion, Newton South intercepted a pass between two WA players, stealing the ball and bringing it to Newton South’s offensive side. Yet, this increase in force also meant an increase in fouls, as Newton South gave WA, specifically Barnes and Harding, multiple opportunities to shoot free throws. Ultimately, this period ended with a score of 44-27, WA still holding a strong lead.

The fourth quarter paralleled the third in three-pointers and fouls. Scoring went back and forth for both teams, with sections during the quarter in which both WA and Newton South were missing their shots. With Davey scoring the first two and last two points of the quarter, the game ended with a score of 54-34.

All-in-all, WA stayed consistent throughout the game. Barnes hopes to see future games resemble this one in effort, energy, and teamwork.

“We were focused and positive the entire game. My favorite games are those when we really bring the intensity in offense, defense, and, really, all aspects of the game,” Barnes said. “But, I do think there’s always room for improvement, so I’m excited to see where the rest of the season takes us.”