The Sophomore Piano Man

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Ryan Creegan

Staff Writer

When sophomore Matthew Warner was in the 8th grade he heard his mother play “Let It Be” on one of their home pianos, he approached the piano and began playing the song from memory. It was then that Matt discovered his amazing recall and playing ability with the piano.

Many people who know him are unaware of his talent. He walks around, in most ways the normal student and athlete, participating in such sports as JV basketball and volleyball. Put him in front of a piano though and it will become immediately apparent, as he plays the requests of the crowd, often from memory.

Matt can’t read music particularly well, claiming to have a “fifth grade reading level” when it comes to reading music, but that doesn’t stop him from duplicating and even improvising songs for crowds around him. Something he does 5 to 7 times a week.

Even Matt strives to be better though. One performer that he particular admires for his piano skill is Billy Joel, writer of the song “Piano Man.”   It is this style of more conventional music that Matt prefers. It’s doubtful you’ll find any Lady Gaga on his iPod. He prefers the instrumentals found in a lot of older music, as well as the deeper meaning found in many of its lyrics.

Matt also describes how he uses the piano to relax. He says when he plays, “everything goes away and I’m just in this one zone where…It’s just an indescribable feeling and you lose concentration of everything else in the world.” It is certainly many people’s wish to feel this deep relationship with anything.