Top 10 fall desserts to make at home


Jackie Clay, Staff Writer

Fall is a time of cold weather and warm food. One of the best ways to have fun during this season is with some delicious desserts. Here are some ideas for some fall-themed desserts to sweeten up your life. All of these desserts would make great additions to your Thanksgiving menu!

1. Apple Crisp/ Apple Pie 

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 While these are two different desserts, they are made of the same ingredients. Apples are a statement of fall with apple picking found everywhere in New England. You can collect your own ingredients with family and friends to make it together. These desserts are not only a staple of fall, but are a main dish on Thanksgiving. Both are warm, sweet, easy to make, and perfect for any fall day. 

2. Classic Pumpkin Pie

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Pumpkin pie is quick and easy to make from ingredients found at every supermarket. It is amazing with any sweet add-ons or dessert spices. Pumpkin is one of the first fall foods anyone thinks of, from scary Halloween jack-o-lanterns to pumpkin spice lattes. No Thanksgiving meal is complete without a little pumpkin to really make it a real fall holiday. 

3. Maple brown sugar cookies  

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Warm cookies are the perfect addition to any day of the year but maple brings anyone’s mind to tall maple trees with red leaves and large jugs of maple syrup. It brings fall wherever it goes. Maple brown sugar cookies are yummy and easy to enjoy as the leaves change color and the season of autumn begins.

4. Chocolate Maple Bars

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Chocolate maple bars are not in the traditional area of fall desserts, but the maple flavor gives it a taste of fall. They are not a particularly well-known dessert and that makes it fun to try. These small snacks are delicious desserts to eat, simple to make, and don’t take a lot of time to do either. 

5. Caramel apples


Caramel apples are a statement of fall harvest festivals and fairs all over the northeast. They are sweet and taste like a day at the fair and caramel apples aren’t enjoyed enough at home. These treats only require a few steps and are a fun experimental dessert to make with friends.

6. Pecan Pie


Pecan pie is a perfect fall dessert that is a wonderful addition to any Thanksgiving dinner. Anyone, apart from someone with a pecan allergy, can enjoy this dessert as a stand-alone flavor. 

7. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies


These cake-like cookies are filled with chocolate and a delicious pumpkin taste. They can be made easily and last for days afterward. I made these cookies myself and they were really good.

8. Pumpkin bread


Another pumpkin dessert! Anything pumpkin is a fall dessert. This bread is soft, tasty, and perfect for family dinner or a quick snack before school. Pumpkin bread can last for days after and is still delicious. Plus if you add walnuts, it gives it a great crunch.

9. Cinnamon-apple cake


This is an alternative fall dessert to the more mainstream choices. It is moist, sweet, and a great sweet to have in the house when the weather turns cold. Cinnamon- apple cake also brings together two of fall’s most classic flavors, cinnamon, and apples. 

10. Pumpkin whoopie pies 

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A classic whoopie pie is a great dessert, with cakey sides and sweet icing in the middle. Adding pumpkin to the flavoring gives it that fall flavor. This dessert is portable and can be taken anywhere with you. They are also a good dessert to break apart and share with your friends.