Shekleton shapes up the band

Shekleton shapes up the band

Rohun Voruganti, Sports Editor

Band director Adam Shekleton stands for a picture. (Provided by Adam Shekleton )

A band is a group of people that work in unison to achieve a similar musical goal, much like a team or club works on their goals.  A band can be electric to pump up crowds or soothing to calm your nerves.  On Friday, the marching band pumped up the crowd throughout the game and gave energy to the players. In order to run smoothly, each big performance needs someone directing behind the scenes. Adam Shekleton is the new kid on the block at WA, joining the Grey Ghosts as the Director of the ensemble.

But, this isn’t his first job teaching. Along with occasionally giving private percussion lessons, Shekleton has been teaching for eleven years and directing for nine.  He has spent the past eight years directing at Randolph High School.

“I had heard about what a great music department the school and the district had and after doing some research on the school, it seems like everybody’s very supportive of the arts and building the community atmosphere I value as an educator,” said Shekleton.

One of our society’s biggest problems has been COVID-19, a problem that has impacted the band as well.

“We have to have instrument masks, allowing students to continue to play while still preventing droplets. So we have the brass players, when they empty their instruments from condensation, they either go outside or we have special pads that they have to empty on to some sanitizing pads,” Shekleton said. 

Those are not the only restrictions, however, as students must be at a minimum three feet distance from one another and the maximum capacity of the band room is thirty students.

Luckily, practice is split up during the week to maximize productivity.  The band’s first big performance is in December so they are taking many steps to prepare.

During the week they split into three groups, freshman band, percussion players, and wind instruments.

“Typically we rehearse twice-a-month after school. We rehearse every day in class for concert, then we do twice-a-month rehearsals after school, to make sure that the percussionists and the wind players have time together,” he said.

Shekleton has been a talented percussionist since his childhood. He attended percussion school and has a special place in his heart dedicated to marching percussion and solo marimba. Outside of school, he still finds a way to contribute to the music community.

“I do conduct a community band in Randolph…I’ve played with a few groups, I’ve been hired to play as a percussionist for a few groups. I still mainly conduct bands than play in them,” he said.