Honest Thief will steal your attention



Movie poster for Honest Thief

James McDermott, Staff Writer

In late 2020, an absolute thriller, Honest Thief was released. Honest Thief is a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat, as you watch a former bank robber continuously outsmart two dirty FBI agents. 

Honest Thief is about a bank robber named Tom Carter (Liam Neeson) who meets a woman named Annie (Kate Walsh). Meeting her causes him to stop robbing banks since, after he meets her, it no longer feels important to him. Tom perfected the art of robbing banks to the extent that all across the country people know what the In and Out Bandit, the nickname given to Tom by the public. He tries to turn himself in to escape the guilt he feels, but two FBI agents attempt to steal the money Tom has acquired over the years. In the process, the two agents end up killing their boss which they then pin on Tom Carter, of course. Tom’s mission is to prove that the two dirty cops are in fact guilty, while also making things right. 

One of the best parts of this movie is how the most lethal bank robber in the world ends up being the one trying to make things right. The aspect that is so gripping is that Tom does it his way. He goes all the way back to his military roots, outsmarting two cops that are blinded by the nine million dollars he manages to steal from small-town banks.

While watching, I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish. I was thoroughly engaged because the use of suspense in this movie is incredible. From police chases to money being stolen, the build up of these events are what made me so interested.

The other aspect of this movie that is so impressive is the acting, which is absolutely phenomenal. There is so much emotion during the police chases and developing of stressful plans. In addition, the acting makes it so easy to get lost in the movie. Liam Neeson and Kate Walsh make you forget that you are watching a fictional movie after the first few seconds, and that lasts until you see the credits.

I truly do not believe that there are any weaknesses in this movie. It was enticing, funny, suspenseful, thrilling, and so much more. I loved the plot and found myself rooting for the characters during every situation.

Honest Thief is rated PG-13, which is mainly due to its use of profanity and violence. I would say this movie is properly rated and would be fine for anyone 13+ to watch.

I am typically not a movie person, but I must say, Honest Thief is an incredible movie. It is arguably my favorite movie I have ever watched. I enjoyed it so much that it is one of the only movies that I have ever watched multiple times and enjoyed it more and more each time.

I would highly recommend this movie to anyone that is 13+ and likes a feel-good thriller. Also, if you enjoy suspenseful scenes, and a classic good guy vs. bad guy plot, Honest Thief is a movie for you. If you choose to watch this movie you will be on the edge of your seat for the whole ninety-eight minutes. I highly recommend giving Honest Thief a chance.