The Adjustment Bureau: Review

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The Adjustment Bur eau, starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt

by Lauren Hartnett

Staff Writer

The film, The Adjustment Bureau, follows the life of one man, David Harris, who mistakenly comes in contact with a special department of men who control people’s lives, the Adjustment Bureau.

These men- all decked in fedora hats- begin to chase Harris for knowing of their existence. They tell him that certain decisions he makes in life will affect not only his, but others lives as well. So what is he to do, follow his own heart or follow the fate that has been laid out for him?

Matt Damon, who played the main character of David Harris in the movie, did a terrific job of making his acting seem believable. You may know Matt Damon from True Grit, another thriller that was released last year. Damon did not exaggerate his emotions like most actors tend to do in films, he just seemed like an average guy. Well, an average guy being chased by fate changing men in matching hats and suits.

British actress, Emily Blunt, known from her other films like The Devil Wears Prada, portrayed Damon’s love interest in the movie. Blunt and Damon’s chemistry felt natural together, adding to the romance aspect of the movie.

The main question to be answered, however, is who exactly were these men in fedora hats? They carried books that could somehow show a person’s fate. But who are they really, and what can they do? Are they good, evil, or a bit of both? How did they become part of the department? And most importantly, how can they control our destiny?

All the questions are answered as the movie goes on, building suspense and grabbing the attention of the audience.

Overall, I thought the movie was amazing. The storyline was original and there was never had a dull moment. The growing romance between Damon and Blunts characters, as well as the mystery of the Adjustment Bureau department, made the audience yearn for more. Combining a bit of dry humor, romance, and thrilling action made this movie enjoyable to watch.