Kreithen slides to University of Toronto for baseball


Image provided by Aaron Kreithen

Kreithen is set to play Baseball at the University of Toronto.

Unnati Bhat, Social Media Manager

At Westford Academy, the majority of students end up leaving their sport in high school. This is not the case for senior Aaron Kreithen, who has had a passion for baseball since he was young. He has committed to the University of Toronto where he will continue to pursue his sport. 

Kreithen has played baseball since he was seven years old, since then he has excelled within the sport. Kreithen has worked diligently throughout high school to not only further his baseball skills but to stay on top of his academics as well. In the fall, he will attend the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada, where he will major in economics and play for the school’s Varsity Blues Baseball Team.

Since Canada measures athletic competitiveness differently, the concept of division sports outlined by the NCAA does not apply to school sports. The team is roughly equivalent to a Division 3 athletic program.

Kreithen started playing in 2010 as a middle infielder, playing between second base and shortstop. Throughout his childhood, Kreithen enjoyed other sports, but others could not compare to his skill and interest in baseball, especially when he realized his potential.

“I mean I played other sports. I played soccer until I was 11, but I just really liked [baseball]. I always had a good arm. You do what you’re good at,” he said.

Although Kreithen’s time playing varsity baseball was shortened due to COVID-19, he doesn’t doubt he can overcome the obstacles college-level competition brings. 

“I mean, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous about [playing in college]. But, I mean every time I’ve gone up and played and challenged myself like that, I’ve sort of risen to the occasion. So, I’m excited,” Kreithan said.

As Kreithen moves up to the University of Toronto, a school over 540 miles from Westford Academy, he looks forward to being away from home and living on a campus he’s grown a liking to. While the distance was not a big determining factor, Kreithen was eager to experience something brand new.

“I wanted to be in the city too; I visited there with my sister, and I liked the campus there and I wanted to go far,” Kreithen said.

The choice to go to the University of Toronto was not just about the campus or baseball, it was the quality of education and the culture surrounding learning at the school that helped him make his final decision.

“It really doesn’t really have to do with the baseball aspect, it’s more about the academics. That was the biggest part of the decision,” he said.

The often difficult balance between sports and education was easier for Kreithen to manage due to his personal motivation supported by those surrounding him.

“I don’t think baseball is hard to balance because the coaches are really great if you need to go for extra help. You can go and study and come into practice late without it being a problem. I just found time to get my studying done,” Kreithen said.

Among those supporting Kreithen is varsity baseball coach Mike Parent. Parent has been a mentor to Kreithen this past season and he has been able to improve with his guidance.

“Aaron’s character on and off the field is a coach’s delight, he’s mature. He’s easygoing. He is responsible. As a coach, I couldn’t ask for better. I hope he has fun and enjoys himself at the University of Toronto, he’s going to continue playing baseball there, a game that he loves. ” Parent said.

Kreithen is excited to finish his final high school season of baseball and move on to bigger things at the University of Toronto, where he feels he will be at home away from home. He is eager to see what he and the fellow class of 2021 accomplish in the years to come.

“Congratulations on everyone going to college. It’s a bigger accomplishment than people like to say, it’s anything but ordinary and we’re off to do great things,” Kreithen said.