Top 10 TikTok songs from the past year

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Erin Cragg, Staff Writer

TikTok is an app that has blown up over the past couple of years. The short, just-for-fun videos that are posted on the app have turned into a way to occupy many people for hours. Just like many other kids our age, I have spent a lot of time during the past few years, especially during quarantine, scrolling through TikTok and listening to the app’s popular songs. These are my top ten favorite popular songs from TikTok.

1. Obsessed – Mariah Carey 

Released in 2009, this song is a blast from the past. The dance to this song was one of the first TikTok dances that had been created on the app. I learned it with one of my friends in the parking lot of the Merrimack Outlets. When I hear the song, I think of the good day that I had with my friend. The song also reminds me of my childhood and growing up listening to it. It’s an older pop song and I think it brings back memories for other people, as well. 

2. Wasabi – Little Mix

In sixth grade, I loved Little Mix, and although I don’t listen to them much anymore, it was fun to hear one of their more recent songs. This pop song was popular on TikTok during the summer of 2019. When I think of this song, it reminds me of cheer captain’s practices that summer and everyone obsessing over TikTok. As one of their most recent popular songs, anyone who used to listen to Little Mix will notice the growth and change in their music by listening to this song. 

3. 223’s – YNW Melly (ft. 9lokknine)

In the fall of 2019, this song was popular on the app and it had a funky dance to it. For me, it took a lot of coordination, making it difficult to learn. My German exchange student and I tried to make this TikTok and it took many tries to get it right. Hearing this song makes me think of the fun that we had while trying to learn this. This rap song is song that is just fun to listen to. 

4. The Weekend – SZA 

Like the last song, my exchange student and I also made TikToks to this song, so when I hear it, I think of that. This R&B song is on the list because although I don’t listen to SZA often, I actually like this song and I listen to it a lot. This is a great song for people who like to listen to relaxed, feel-good music. 

5. Don’t Start Now – Dua Lipa 

There’s a line in this song saying, “Did a full one-eighty.” Last year, my friend and I compared our lives and our other friends’ lives to this song and if we’ve done a “one-eighty” yet, meaning throughout high school, had we improved ourselves. This pop song is very catchy and a fun song to listen to. 

6. Say So – Doja Cat

Last year, my friends and I made multiple TikToks to this song in the Chili’s bathroom. The gymnastics team also used part of this song in a video for the morning announcements, telling people to come to one of our meets. This song reminds me of the good times I have had with my friends, and the gymnastics season last year. This R&B song is a good song to listen to when you want to have a good time. 

7. Party Girl – StaySolidRocky 

This past summer, my friend and I loved this rap song and the TikTok dance for it. As strange as it was, we did this dance all the time. We still do it whenever the song comes on and we always have a good time laughing about it. TikToks to this song were all over my For You Page, so I spent a lot of time scrolling through videos to it. This song a fun song to listen to with friends. 

8. Myron – Lil Uzi Vert 

This is just a fun song that reminds me of summer. This song is the only Lil Uzi Vert song that I listen to because even though it’s not the kind of music I like, it brings back memories of listening to it with my friends over quarantine and making TikToks to it. This rap song is another good song to listen to with friends if you want to have a good time. 

9. No Idea – Don Toliver 

There were multiple parts of this rap song that were popular on TikTok, so this song was just always stuck in my head. This is another song that just reminds me of summer and good times. For months over quarantine, I heard this song on the app all the time, so it’s now just a song I like to listen to. This song is a good song to listen to if you want a reminder of summer. 

10. Angels & Demons – Jxdn 

After obsessing over Jaden Hossler, a popular creator on TikTok, for months, I was very excited when he started releasing music. Even though I’m not as obsessed with him and his TikToks as I used to be, I still like his music and listen to it frequently. This song was his most popular song that went around on TikTok, and overall, I think it’s a good song. This alternative song is a great song to listen to if you like any kind of rock or alternative music.