Godly Smoothies opens its doors in Westford


Godly Smoothies

Godly Smoothies is a new smoothie pick-up restaurant in Westford. They offer an assortment of smoothies and crepes.

Justin Dobski, Staff Writer

Godly Smoothies is located at 8 Cornerstone Square, Westford, Massachusetts. The small store specializes in a variety of smoothies, crepes, and acai bowls. My experience at Godly was incredible; there was almost no wait, and their menu was delicious. In the time that Godly Smoothies has been open, it has become incredibly popular, especially with clubs at Westford Academy looking to fundraise.

The moment you enter through Godly’s front doors, you are greeted by one of their friendly cashiers, who are ready to take your order. Godly has a variety of delicious smoothie options ranging from earthy green smoothies to rich chocolate smoothies.

Godly is a great example of a pick-up restaurant during the coronavirus pandemic. Since you can order online, social interaction is at a minimum. It’s a great local eatery to grab a meal or drink with your friends or family.

One thing that was quite surprising was, when walking into the restaurant, there was a lack of seating, which was probably for the best because of the pandemic. Hopefully, when the pandemic starts to end, there will be some seating for customers who would want to eat at the restaurant.

While waiting to place an order, there was a small crowd waiting for their online orders. They stood near the entrance of the restaurant. Unsurprisingly, with the popularity of ordering online, there were very few people who ordered in-person.

One of my favorite smoothies is strawberry-banana, so I ordered Godly’s Pluto smoothie. The Pluto smoothie is made with strawberry, banana, honey, and your choice of milk ($5.61). The strawberry-banana flavor was very bold, while the honey was barely noticeable.  I would rate the smoothie 10 out of 10 stars.  

I also ordered Godly’s yogurt bowl ($8.88). They made their yogurt bowl with strawberries, bananas, granola, greek yogurt, and honey. The bowl was delicious and was an amazing breakfast meal. The yogurt had the perfect consistency to mix with the other ingredients, so you could get a taste of each flavor in every bite. I would give the yogurt bowl 7 out of 10 stars.

However, the Biscoff Crepe, made with Biscoff cookie spread, honey, banana, whipped cream, and powdered sugar ($7.94), was far too sweet. Other than the overwhelming sugariness of the crepe, it was pretty good and well-made. I would rate the crepe 10 out of 10 stars.

Overall, my experience with Godly Smoothies was amazing. The staff was so nice, and the smoothies were out of this world. I would recommend Godly Smoothies for anyone who wants an early morning breakfast or an afternoon snack.