Freshmen reflect on the first semester

Semester 1 graphic

Prajana Sriram

Semester 1 graphic

Prajana Sriram, Staff Writer

After what felt like an eternity, the first semester has finally come to a close. For over 200 students, this semester was their first at Westford Academy. This first semester has been a lot, to say the least, due to all the changes at Westford Academy to keep students safe. Many students felt this semester to be a bit of a challenge¬†in some aspects of this “new school experience”.

The first semester has had many ups and downs. There has been a handful of issues and glitches with many things including technology, but there were still positives that came out of the first semester. In this new year, there have been differences in how teachers teach, how friends interact, amongst others.

There have been many changes to the way teachers educate for the better. Teachers have been more patient and understanding toward students. They take more time to teach a topic, which lengthens the time that students are interacting with the material. This strategy is very beneficial for a thorough understanding of a topic.

“[Teachers are] taking the time to explain things clearly and helping us as students to get better,” freshman Srunu Bhagavathula said.

Students missed a lot of social opportunities this year however, there were many ways for interacting between friends. Many students had virtual parties with their friends for different holidays, or virtual hangouts to chat. My friend group occasionally has lunch together. About once a month on a Friday during our lunch break we decide to sit down and just talk and eat lunch. Everyone in my friend group has enjoyed this becasue it gives all a chance to interact like we would if we were sitting in the lunchroom.

Overall, a lack of social time has resulted in a difficulty in maintaining a social life.

Cherishing the times that we interact with friends is important.

“My favorite memory from term one was the virtual halloween party my friend group had. It was a lot of fun,” freshman Clementine Bower said.

As for issues with semester one, Clementine Bower experienced a few issues with the Chromebooks at the beginning of the semester and a few issues with uploading assignments, but that is bound to happen in a school year quite like this one. Srunu Bhagavathula ¬†on the contrary didn’t have many issues; she greatly enjoyed most aspects of her semester.

Overall this semester was a great semester for Westford Academy freshmen, even with all of the various changes and disruptions due to the ongoing pandemic.