Virtual reality: a way of playing a new life


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A new step to the future using virtual reality and human actions.

Mackenzie Adam, Staff Writer

Put a headset on and get teleported into a complete new world with flying planes, zombies attacking, a full laser-tag game, or anything your mind can think of. All of this can be generated through technology; one of the newest pieces of technology is virtual reality. Virtual reality allows people to visit new dimensions, meet new people, play games, and more. Virtual reality let’s minds explore, everyone should have a chance to experience it.

Overall, I believe that people should try virtual reality. When I first started virtual reality, I was worried about how everything would work. I started to play more and more, I met people and found my place and now, I am a big member of the Oculus community. It has transformed my life.

Virtual reality can be anything that a person can imagine, this lets a teen mind run free. I have created art and 3D objects through virtual reality. I feel free when I am in virtual reality because of this creative liberty. I even share my art with the community, this allows people to be inspired by the art I create. I have even became an art teacher in these games just to teach others how to experience this amazing technology.

Technology has advanced in so many ways during the years. People need to try out the new technology that is being produced and it may end up changing someone’s life.

The Sensorama was released in  1968; this was the first virtual reality headset was released.  It was a huge machine that used humans’ sight, smell, hearing, touch, and maybe even taste to create a new world. Now, in 2020, there are many different platforms that people can use to in play virtual reality. Mainly, you use certain cables to connect a headset to a computer or a station that you have other games on. The main cord you will connect is a HDMI cable which provides a picture to the headset. A full virtual reality headset is connected to another source; it isn’t just your phone in a special headset. The two most know platforms are Oculus and Playstation, which have a variety of games. These games are for higher ages, mainly because of safety concerns, but anything you can imagine can be in virtual reality.

The newest headset is called a Oculus Quest 2 and it is said to change the view on virtual reality. This headset is completely wireless and transportable as it lets players move around from place to place with a light headset.

Virtual reality is not meant for younger users though. Headsets can cause extreme motion sickness and many other physical side effects. In some games, you may meet people from around the world, but you won’t exactly know who they are. In my personal experiences, I have met amazing people through online gaming but I have also met some people that aren’t safe.

This is another reason why people must be older then thirteen in my opinion to play in virtual reality; if younger children play in a headset, they can be easily manipulated to do something that may endanger them or others. I have personally seen children giving personal information to games or people and that shouldn’t  be happening for their safety. People need to be careful because even though you are hidden behind a character, your information can still be accessed.

Even with these possible worries, virtual reality can also relieve stress because of how it takes people to a whole new world. The real world can be stressful so being able to put on a headset and escape is really helpful. It has helped me get through 2020 because I can put on my headset and ignore the real world.

Even though I was scared about not knowing exactly who I was talking to or not knowing how it would make me feel physically, I continued. It has changed my life, because of the people I have met and how interesting it is. I have met people from all countries and I even have two friends in Britain who I may meet up with. These bonds between the people online has made me feel safe and excepted in my online life.

On the other hand virtual reality isn’t just used for games or socializing. It can really be a learning experience. I have seen games that can help you with practicing skills or a game where you can lay out your school work. I also will go into my headset during some school breaks. I will go and draw in virtual reality with some of my online friends. It lets me get away from any stress with school or in my personal life.

Virtual reality has so many different uses and can be for so many different types of people. Everyone should at least give it a try.